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Portable Security Gates

Aug 23, 2008
Portable security gates are two piece gates measuring 6' wide and 6/5' tall when folded. They are easy to carry through any standard door and roll easily for storage. Additional 6' sections can be added to a gate to make it fit larger openings or to block off outdoor areas. These gates are made from standard type 14 gauge channel and lock to the wall by means of a locking bar and padlock.

Portable security gates are often used for restricting access in hospitals, schools and construction sites where certain areas must be protected from theft or vandalism, or where certain areas simply do not need to be accessed by the general public.


Traffic in hospitals decreases significantly after visiting hours. Only those people who are spending the night with a loved one tend to be in the building. These individuals do not require access to the entire building. They only need access to the person's room, break areas, and restrooms. Hospitals often use portable security gates to block access to hallways that are not being used and to limit access to specific units by blocking off all entryways except for one. This helps keep the facility quieter so patients can rest. It also helps keep the hospital cleaner by only allowing traffic where it is absolutely necessary.


Schools have to be on guard against theft and vandalism. They commonly use portable security gates both inside the building and outside the building to restrict access to the building. Places such as athletic equipment storage areas, science labs, cafeterias, and the school office itself are all vulnerable to theft if not protected. Certain outdoor structures and areas can also be the targets of vandalism, and portable security gates can be used here as well to restrict access to these areas.

Construction Sites

Many times when buildings are erected doorways are immediately cut in the wall. However, the interior of the new structure may not yet be safe for human occupancy. Workers may assume that an open door in the side of the building is the best and quickest way to enter, only to find themselves in an area full of dangerous fumes, hazardous, or a room with no ceiling where tools and materials may inadvertently fall on them from above. Portable security gates placed over these doors can literally save a worker's life. Some crews are required by safety codes to use them. If you are a general contractor, mechanical contractor, or electrical contractor, it is always good to keep portable security gates on hand just in case.

Public Events

Cities often host public events and holiday celebrations at the city hall or civic center. Portable security gates are ideal for these events in two respects. They can be used to block off sidewalks that lead to areas where people do not need to be. Doorways to the building can be blocked with them as well, and interior hallways that lead to break areas and restrooms can be open to the public and the rest of the building sealed off with these portable gates. An event coordinator can literally use portable security gates to define the perimeter of the activities and keep other areas off limits to the general public.

Choosing Your Portable Security Gate

Decide if you will mount the gate within the entrance or in front of the door casing to the entrance, and measure the appropriate height or width. Consult with a material handling specialist if you need a custom size, or find a standard size model in our inventory that matches the dimensions you require.
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