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How to Make MySpace Cool

Aug 23, 2008
Myspace, one of the largest and the most popular social networking websites, has around fifty million members on its panel. The ongoing trend of socializing others through the medium of internet is gaining immense popularity and consequently more and more people are signing up for such sites especially the renowned ones like this. Each and every of Myspace pages asks to be noticed and admired by the others but every page does not get successful in doing so. Only those pages and layouts get their due share of admiration and notice that manage to stand out from the rest in an interesting manner.

There are so many users with whom you can be in touch with through their presented profiles. The basic idea is to remain unique and different so that the individuality of your Myspace page can be kept in tact in order to draw the attention of the others. The layout of the page should be an instant interest engager and pleasantly inviting as well. There are many such websites that have a lot of different layout designs from where you can choose your pick for this very purpose if you are unable to create a distinctive layout on your own.

You can get different ideas relating to the layout of your page by searching these websites. They provide you with a colorful gallery of images and graphics which you can select for your page. The problem arises when you try to copy the style of either your friends or the famous celebrities. By doing so, you divert from being unique and go for the same patterns that hundreds of other people are following as well. Even many of the layout websites don't provide you with something interesting or unique rather have all that monotonous and boring offerings.

Always try to be innovative rather than being pretentious and stupid.
The use of colors and images should be done wisely. There are many people who have such a shocking color combination that it becomes a tiresome job for the visitors to go through their profiles.
Avoid flashy colors as they cause distraction to a great extent.
Many folks love to add a hoard of pictures to their profiles. It is not advisable either because it does not look pleasing as well.
There should be a separate box where you can combine all your pictures.
The content that you add to your lay out should be on different and unique topics so that it can stir the interest of the other Myspace users.
Do not overshadow your layout with a mounting number of animated graphics. It will cause a very sleazy impact on the ones who look for unique pages.

Don't go for those layouts that are being spammed with links as it looks absolutely annoying and irritating. The entire layout should be a reflection of your true personality and only in this manner; it will be able to standout from the rest of the millions of profiles. Your lay out should be carrying the stuff that is unique to you and still it can be identified with your individuality, standing amongst such a massive gathering.
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