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Is Kazaa Lite Legal?

Aug 23, 2008
People should value the copyright of an original work. It is one of the forms of intellectual property wherein a person who has a copyright of his work have the right to determine who can use his work from those who cannot. Also, the person should first be contacted for his approval before using his work or any part of it. This means that using his work in any form without his notice would mean a violation of his copyright which is punishable by law. Another benefit of a copyright holder is that the earnings from his work should definitely go to him and not to anyone else. The use of his works to gain money without his permission is illegal since every proceed from the copyrighted material should be given to the holder. So having said that is Kazaa Lite legal?

That is why any form of copying or sharing a copyrighted file is illegal. However, there are many sites available on the Internet that allows users to download songs and other files. This is a clear violation of the copyright holders of the files. The Internet made it easier for anyone to share files with many people. And it is more difficult to monitor since the Internet has anonymity.

However, there are other sites from which persons can share their own files. One of which is Kazaa Lite and the question remains is Kazaa Lite legal? Unlike other websites from where a person can download different songs, movies, and other files that are actually owned by some other people, Kazaa Lite is different. It uses a software form where a member can search from the database the different music, or movie files. The members can also upload their own files for others to use. The site is a simple file sharing site for the members.

Therefore Kazaa Lite is legal since the members are the ones exchanging files. In view of the fact that each individual has the right to listen and record to different bands and concerts, it is also legal for them to access the Internet and share them to whomever they feel like to. File sharing is not illegal however, the users should be very aware of the copyright laws. Following these laws is beneficial to make sure that everything is under the law and no one violates them.

So if you are still asking "is kazaa lite legal?" The answer is yes. The internet users can freely visit the site and download the music, or movie that he likes. To download legal version please visit www.FreeKazaaLite.net This site offers various types and genres that are very interesting. Simply visit their website and start downloading. Members can also share their own songs to the public. The website also encourages each user to be responsible in uploading their files. The files should never be copyrighted.

Through this website, anyone can get a hold of his favorite song and listen to it as many times as he likes to. Also, hard to find movies can be found in the website. What a user can do is to be a member, log in, search for the files that he likes, and enjoy it. So now that you have the answer to the question is Kazaa Lite legal? You can sign up at www.FreeKazaaLite.net
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