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Top Ten Ways to Improve Any Money Making Idea

Aug 23, 2008
I've been kicking around some radical ideas in my brain about how to make money. The way I have it figured you can use these ideas for virtually any wealth enhancing idea and they can be applied to virtually every circumstance.

Top ten ways to improve money making ideas.

1. If you're making a product make it better than it has to be. Quality means a lot in any economy, but always when money is tight and quality is needed.

2. If you provide a service provide better service than your customer has come to expect from other suppliers. This idea simply works because of its ability to shock and awe your customers. They may not know how to respond.

3. Always take the high road - there's less traffic. While others work at cutting corners you should go out of your way to make sure your customer is satisfied with what you were able to provide.

4. Make a promise - and keep it. Customers are used to broken promises make sure you defy their expectations. It will likely start a conversation (generally between your customers and people they know).

5. When customers talk - really listen. They are used to being blown off by almost everyone. Surprise them by effectively communicating with them in a way that shows you were listening and that you care.

6. Give customers something extra. Provide a thank you gift for your customer that shows you appreciate their business and welcome their return visit. This doesn't have to be expensive, but it should be something memorable and useful.

7. Respond to customer requests. If a customer comes up with a great idea give them credit for it and use the idea (with their permission). They never see that one coming.

8. Give your customer a better sales experience than they expect. If it is online make sure you provide ample content to help them learn how to use your product. If the sale is face to face provide brochures that can help them appreciate their purchase even more.

9. Never settle for a quick buck. Make sure you make a quality presentation and then trust your potential customer enough to make an informed decision regarding a purchase.

10. Develop your product or service in a way that will have customers talking about you in the future. Make your business an heirloom quality enterprise. Provide such profound quality and service that you will be remembered long after the sale.

The reason these ideas will work is that they are totally unexpected. Quality is something people think of in reference to a time before planned obsolescence. Each family has an heirloom from their past, but none expect that quality today. This is why making things better than they have to be can be is such a powerful component for success in the 21st century.

We exist in a throw away society, but you can abolish the notion that there is no such thing as good service or quality products in the modern age. You have ten ways to make it happen. Is it worth it to you?
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