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The Most Two Important Elements of a Viral Marketing Promotion

Aug 23, 2008
Viral marketing is loved and used on the Internet because it works. If you release a viral product on a regular basis such as a free software, a PDF report, an eBook, audio or a video, your visitors will always come back to your site looking to find what you have to offer each month. They will spread the word to their friends about it as well. Also, if you can give something for free that helps other webmasters generate traffic on their site as well, you will be even more appreciated.

Viral marketing means creativity and quality. The more creative and original you can be the better your traffic will increase.If visitors likes what they see, they will spread the information to their friends and family. This means that you are able to double your traffic only if your free product is quality based and will become very popular.

Viral marketing has become a very popular form of advertising and marketing because it had a relatively low cost. You can also personalize it with your website address and company logo.

A lot of companies will also offer rebates and discounts with their products to keep visitors coming back to their website to purchase products and see what the next freebie is.

The most important thing about viral marketing is that you will attract repeating visitors that are disposed to buy something. It means that your sales have the potential to explode.

1. Link Exchanges

All search engines love to see links incoming and outgoing. If you can exchange links with sites that get a lot of traffic, you will receive a lot of traffic in return as well and a decent page rank. This is a great free way to gain more traffic, which you wouldn't gained otherwise.

2. "Tell-A-Friend" Script

Have you ever noticed the little gadget that says "send to a friend" during reading an online news on CNN? It is a similar tool that people very rarely use.

Anyway, if you do choose to use it you will find that it is a good way to increase traffic.

This is an incredibly easy way to increase the traffic to your website, especially if your content is good quality. It is a simple script that you can put in the HTML code of your site. It is installed in pages where the information exists so that a visitor can send it to their friends or family.

The visitor fills-in their friend's name, email address and sends the information to the intended person like an email attachment. The email is not perceived as spam because is sent by this person's friend.

The script eliminates the chances of the email being blocked by the spam filters because the information is input by the sender. Attached in the email, the recipient receives the information and a short description of the website where the media is from. The more people use it, the more it will spread to friends and families.

The script is very simple and does not need complicated programming. You can simply copy and paste the script in the html code of your pages. You can simply find the script by searching for it on Google.

This is a free viral marketing campaign that can be very useful. Be sure to place the script in places on your site that will encourage people to use it very often.
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