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Becoming the Greatest Warrior With World of WarCraft Weapons

Aug 23, 2008
When over nine million gamers all play the same game you might say it is popular. World of Warcraft, because that's the game we are talking about, is a game that has become popular wth so many people for a reason, and although we can only guess, we assume it has something to do with the way the characters are fully customizable. Players can choose from different races and different classes and according to these classes they can equip themselves with many many different items for example items that can make them stronger like magic, armor and of course world of warcraft weapons.

When you want to become the best in your class, the best of your race, heck lets go for the greatest warrior ever build you need the best world of warcraft weapons you can get your hands on. But how do you choose the right weapons for your character when there are so many different styles for different playing styles and classes?

In fact there are seventeen types of world of warcraft weapons and many of them are restricted for a specific class for example warlock or warrior classes. Within the different types of weaponry there are hundreds of weapons to find. The seventeen types are:

1. wants

2. axes

3. two handed axes

4. bows

5. crossbows

6. swords

7. two handed swords

8. daggers

9. polearms

10. staffs

11. spears

12. maces

13. two handed maces

14. fist waepons

15. guns

16. throwing weapons

17. miscellaneous weapons

And all these different types of weapons deal out different types of damage to different types of characters. The damage can be physical, frost, holy, nature, arcane, fire and shadow. But every character has its own set of weaknesses and resistance so when you pull your weapon against a character the effect can be quite different than at an other character. The damage shall be different each time but there are ways to determine which type of weapon is the most effective against what creature. There are calculators that can help you with these dilemmas.

When you want to play according to the concept of player versus player these kind of calculations can be a big factor. Because you can equip yourself with different weapons and you can learn new skills the particular resistance and weaknesses can vary The fights will be different each time. And when you become more powerful and play against the more powerful players, the calculations will be harder to make, it al depends on the choices you and your opponent will make, will he use fire damage, physical damage or something else and hoe is your resistance against this damage.

This kind of calculations will become harder when you come become more experienced and they will play a very big role. Because what will you do when your favorite weapon becomes useless against some of your opponents or if the weakness of your opponent have changed since the last time you have played against each other?

It all comes down to learning the right skills and choosing the right world of warcraft weapons and the only way you can learn is to gain experience, use the damage calculators and be flexible.
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