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Outsourcing Web Site Content Creation

Aug 23, 2008
It's not entirely possible for a multi purpose company to develop in all areas of business. In today's fast paced, forever changing world it can be difficult to keep up to date on the programming and design areas of expertise. For some companies that means outsourcing to a freelancer the work that clients request on top of the larger projects such as content creation and sales scripts. A client may wish to have a large design project completed for them by the company, and it is therefore in the company's best interests to acquire all the available work from this client.

On occasion the client will ask to employ the writing services of the company. Although your company may not normally do this type of work, but it's preferable to offer all services required by a long standing client or a client with a particularly large project. This prevents a scenario in which the client may not use your company for their project or future projects and employs the services of another company which is able to deal with all areas of their needs.

This type of work is not always requested and it can sometimes be too rare to consider hiring a full time writer. This makes it more beneficial for the company to hire a freelancer project by project for their clients, or if they prefer they can work with the same freelancer still on a project by project basis as opposed to a salaried staff member.

It can be difficult to find an adequate content creation freelancer on forum based sites if you are looking for a writer who is adept in a particular language. Many sites will attract a variety of writers from around the world looking for short article work and forum posting. More often then not, the grammar and punctuation of the article will be below standard as their grasp of the language is not as adept as it could be from a freelancer for whom it is their first language. In these cases a site specifically tailored to that language will promote writers in that language, providing a larger pool to choose from.

Bidding sites can be particularly helpful in acquiring the perfect freelancer for your company needs. In these you will be able to compare prices with quality, a past portfolio or links to the websites they are used in and the bidders own natural talent displayed in their proposal to do the project.

Another key aspect of bidding sites is the level of security involved. In sites that manage the money through the website, not only can the freelancer ensure that the money is available for the completed project, but you can ensure you receive the project and it is unique and not fraudulent material before releasing that money to the writer.

This makes outsourcing to a freelancer beneficial economically while also providing the level of service and security you require and expect to be able to deliver to your client.
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