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Building and Managing an Opt-in Email List to Benefit Website Based Sales

Aug 24, 2008
If you sell any type of product from your website, then you absolutely should be delving into opt-in email lists as a method of increasing sales and bringing in more repeat customers. Website based sales are not often random. The percentage of users who make a decision to purchase form a website because they know the site and feel comfortable is rather high, with some studies indicating that it could be as high as 40%. Repeat customer statistics tell us that it the percentage could be as high as 75% the second time around. Maintaining positive contact with customers is a fabulous method of bringing in more repeat customers than ever before. When you are making website based sales, repeat customers have ability to make or break your online business.

Keeping your customers informed and engaged by using an opt-in email list is equally important whether you run all of your business online or you use your online business to help supplement your brick and mortar business. In either case, positive and effective communication creates trust and loyalty among consumers, which means a higher percentage of repeat customers for you.

This entire concept can just as easily be transferred to websites that do not offer an actual product but might offer information. The more you communicate in a positive and effective manner, the more interested your potential following will be, and the more benefit you receive from it. It really is just that simple.

Since opt-in email lists require some sort of prior consent or action on behalf of the other party, you don't have to worry about spam issues while promoting your website and creating long term business relationships with your base customer. Even if the consent came from hard copy such as a sign in book at the front of your brick and mortar store, the consent requires an action, which prevents spam issues from holding up your web based sales.

The process of acquiring email addresses is continual, but not really all that difficult. If you have a brick and mortar establishment, you can gather email addresses through sign in books, taking their information at the register, or even leaving a hard copy form for all customers to sign up. If you do not have brick and mortar choices, or would rather try a different method, you do have other options in order to create a serious and motivated opt-in email list to help your wed based sales grow.

There are lists for sale. You can simply purchase one. However, these have not proven to be as effective as creating one since you can not specifically tailor a purchased opt-in email list to match your area of expertise. If you sell surf boards but buy an opt-in email list that was developed for computer technology, your list isn't going to appreciate your sudden "spam" and opt off the list very quickly. Building your own is more time consuming but much more effective.

Using links, script forms, and even collecting the consent and email address during the check out process gives you an undeniably interested list. Not only have the people on this list visited your site, but purchased your product or wanted to purchase something. A list created like this is very hot and much more likely to help you reach your web based sales goals faster and with fewer hassles.

Using a pop email account on the website's server is a successful method of managing the ebb and flow of email address sign ups. This process allows for a reduction in confusion, a way to personally thank them and welcome to the list, and a method of speeding up the process of accepting requests and handling requests for both opting on or off the list.

Managing you opt-in email list is also a necessary part of creating the absolute most effective tool for increasing your web based sales. Once you have people opting onto your list, you want to keep them there for as long as possible. Thus, making sure that they are receiving not only information that is valuable to their needs and wants but also offering discounts, freebies, and special opt-in only specials, people will stay on your list longer and become a greater potential for making a purchasing.

Using professional database software to help manage your list, process the information, and to create an organized method of viewing the success of your list is also essential to increasing your web based sales through the use of an opt-in email list. Creating contests from time to time gives you a method of assessing how many people are really reading the information you are sending out and how many people are most likely hitting delete and haven't yet opted off the list. In cases where you have a very low rate of participation, you might want to work hard on your subject lines to entice the user to open the email more frequently.

Keeping a good line of communication open with those who you are doing business with is strong and effective method of watching the way trust in a business creates stronger bottom line web based sales. Maintaining a good opt-in email list is one of the vital rungs on the ladder to successful web based sales sites.
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