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How Email Marketing Solutions Helps Dance Studios

Aug 24, 2008
With the current Latin and ballroom dance crazes hitting your studio, as an owner and operator you need to use email marketing solutions to hold on to clients that are coming in for lessons or are interested in dance. With email marketing solutions, you have the unique capability to make a potential client feel like a preferred client. All you have to do is collect the email addresses (and permission to email) of those people walking into your studio or phoning in to register for classes. You can use their email addresses to send out informative email newsletters, promotions, studio updates, class schedules, and much more!

To successfully take advantage of email marketing solutions, it is important to compile a list of customers who want to receive your promotions and email newsletters. In order to do this, a great method is to request that your "drop-ins" sign-up to your newsletter to receive promotion and information. Provide them with a sign-up sheet (can be professionally designed, but a note pad and pen also works). If they enjoy the classes you are offering, they will be interested in receiving email discount offers and studio updates.

Another successful method is to make a professional-looking sign that asks your walk-ins to leave a business card (including email address) to receive promotions and more information on your studio.

With this method, you will be able to stay in touch with your walk-in customers and encourage repeat business. Any high-end email marketing solutions software will provide you with hundreds of email design options to choose from. As a dance studio, it's a good idea to choose a design that includes a main article, along with some spaces for pictures, so that you can showcase your students in action.

One great thing that your can do with email marketing solutions is segment your customers by interest. For example, you can include in your email newsletter a list of all the classes offered at your studio. Include the title of the class, and the first few words of the description. Then, include a link directing readers to your website for more information. An example of this would be:
"Hip Hop: A high energy class featuring modern moves - Click Here to Learn More"

So, why should you tease your readers like that? Why not include the entire description within the email? Well, there are two reasons:
1. You don't want to overcrowd your email newsletter. People lead fast-paced lives, so they need little snippets of information, and a quick way to learn more about what they're specifically interested in.
2. By making readers click a link to read more about a class, you can use an email marketing Solutions to track exactly which readers are interested in which classes. When you log into your email marketing Solutions provider, you will see an instant report of everyone who clicked to "Learn More" about Hip Hop classes (and Ballet classes, Jazz classes, Tap classes, etc). You can then send-out a targeted Hip Hop-themed campaign to only the people who you know are interested in Hip Hop.

In your email newsletter, you should also include a side column with pertinent, at-a-glance information about your studio. Things like dance awards, student results, dinner functions and congratulations are all good at-a-glance information. Don't forget to also include your phone number in a highly visible place.

Email marketing solutions can radically improve your dance studio's repeat business. Adding potential and interested customers to the subscriber list for your email marketing Solutions will turn a lot more of your seldom drop-ins into regular customers. Now is the time to take advantage of email marketing Solutions software, as the Latin and ballroom dance craze flourishes. Don't miss the opportunity or you'll be way out of step!
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Robert Burko is CEO of Elite Email, the complete email marketing solutions package used by dance studios around the world. You can deploy comprehensive email marketing software for your dance studio with a no-risk free trial. Start harnessing the power of email marketing today!
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