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Why Can't You Just Start Working in Medical Transcription?

Aug 24, 2008
When people hear about the possibility of working at home as a medical transcriptionist, they're often intrigued by the possibilities. There just aren't that many at home jobs where you have such good odds of getting benefits from your employer while still having a flexible schedule.

What frustrates them is when they find out that they can't just get a job. They have to pay for their own training and then start looking for work. Why is that?

The biggest reason is that the job is too important to trust to untrained people. The need for accuracy in medical records goes beyond the need for accuracy in other forms of transcription, data entry and so forth. Mistakes can literally impact a patient's life.

Then too, the training takes too long. Many programs take six months or more to be completed. A good student may be able to go faster if she can work at her training as she would a full time job, but for everything to really soak in you're still looking at a minimum of four months.

That's a long time for an employer to commit to. Too much expense.

Fortunately, you can see a good medical transcription training program as an investment. It's a way for you to get the job you want, just as with any other career training program. Just think of how many jobs there are where you have to get the training before you have a chance at the job. Medical transcription is no different.

This is also why quality matters so very much. Employers do not have the time to waste on retraining poorly trained workers. You need to get a quality education as the first step in showing a potential employer that you should be considered.

So what's with all the "two years experience" requirements?

Requiring minimum experience is a good way for employers to weed out the people who haven't had any training at all. If you graduate from a reputable program employers will test you to see if they want to waive the two years experience requirement. In the meantime, they've automatically screened out many applicants who haven't given any thought at all to their qualifications.

A good training program will be associated with several employers who are willing to test graduates to see if they want to waive that experience requirement. Employers are willing to do this for programs that have a track record of producing quality graduates.
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Stephanie Foster runs http://www.medicaltranscriptionbasics.com/ to help people learn how to get into her former career. Learn more about quality online medical transcription training schools at her site.
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