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Work From Home Ideas for the 50 Plus Entrepreneur

Aug 24, 2008
Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. That's the American dream. Well, that and family, financial success, health, travel, and a myriad of other things that encompass the many goals in life. While retirement is eventually a goal that most professionals have, the over 50 population is full of motivated hard working individuals that have a lot of life to live, and many goals to reach. For the 50 plus businessperson with an entrepreneurial spirit, who maybe isn't ready to retire just yet, or perhaps wants to ensure that down the road when retirement does come finances aren't going to be something that holds them back, there are some unique business opportunities.

The home based business world is not just for stay-at-home moms and rural business folk. Home based businesses and franchise opportunities exist for anyone that has a business mind and the willingness to put some effort into making their franchise a success. Here are some work from home ideas that are perfect for the over 50 businessman or woman.

Managing a published magazine or booklet can offer the ease of being able to work from home with potential to have a very successful home business. Magazine and other published businesses can often be designed, marketed, and put together online through providers or software applications leaving only distribution to occur outside the home. Some popular models of this type of work at home franchise would include magazines like Homes and Land magazine which gathers information on properties and real estate and advertising to local realtors and associations. Many people pick up these types of booklets and magazines to see what the housing market is like, where they can afford to buy, and for many potential home buyers this is their first step. Making Homes and Land magazine an ideal place for real estate agents to place their ads and contact information and meet new clients. The Homes and Land magazine franchise can be run completely as a home based business and no prior experience in real estate or publishing is required. They provide all the training and support that you need!

There are also many internet based work at home franchise options for the over 50 businessperson looking to start a higher-tech business. While there are many computer repair and network solution franchises, the over 50 crowd tends to shy away from beginning the "geeks and nerds" model internet franchise. The more popular option for this crowd is the internet franchise that deals with people, phone calls, and marketing to individuals. Businesses such as Adventures in Advertising provide the entrepreneur with the training and materials to access market niches not available to competitors by using their innovative programs. Adventures in Advertising markets and distributes promotional office supplies and materials that advertise your clients. This business-to-business promotional marketing franchise sees a high volume of repeat customers, low overhead costs, and a very effective and supportive "back end" support and service system to help the franchisee all along the way.

There are also a number of service franchises that specifically work to benefit the elderly. These type of franchises that work with a large number of retired people appreciate a business that is run by someone that understands their needs and sees the need for these services in their own life in the near future. Businesses like this would include home care services, medical delivery services, and specialized services such as AMRAMP, which is American Ramp Systems Franchise. AMRAMP is America's leading ramp builder, and as many elderly American's become in greater need of ramps, wheelchairs, scooters, and other devices to help them maintain mobility providing these people with a necessity for their daily life is something that builds a successful business and makes a positive impact in the community. As an AMRAMP franchise owner, a full range of products is available along with extensive resources including full-service, full-support, engineering, marketing, and training support.

While there is no age requirement to run one of these franchises, and there is no reason why someone over 50 couldn't run any franchise option available there is a definite benefit to working within the advantages available. Success rates for small businesses and franchise opportunities greatly increase when the franchise owner takes advantage of all assets available to them. Trust, understanding, competency, and experience are invaluable in these industries, and with each franchise here and many more operational from home, the franchise business is a pleasant alternative to retirement. For those who are ready to stay at home more, but aren't ready to leave the work force, a work from home franchise can offer fulfillment, financial freedom, professional satisfaction, and keep the franchisee healthy and busy until they are truly ready to retire.
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