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Symptoms Of A Sick SEO Campaign

Aug 25, 2008
Search engine optimization is an ever-developing science. The strategies that worked well long ago are no longer effective. In fact, many tactics deployed as recently as last year are quickly fading into the annuls of SEO history. Today, if you want your website to rank well in the search engines, you'll either need to hire an SEO firm or keep abreast of the methods that promise long-term potential. If your website is not doing well in the search engines, it means your SEO efforts are ailing. Here are five symptoms of a sick SEO campaign.

Symptom #1: You Can't Find Your Website

Naturally, you would like your website listed in Google, Yahoo! and MSN so people can find it easily. Unfortunately, when you search for your target keywords, there's no trace of it. There are many potential causes and each requires a bit of research. If you work with an SEO firm, they'll uncover the problem and resolve it. Otherwise, you'll need to research the problem yourself.

Symptom #2: Your Website Doesn't Have Incoming Links

Without incoming links, your website has little chance of ever reaching the top positions. What's more, the links that point to your website must be topically relevant. The best links are those that come from other websites that are deemed authoritative by the search engines. Building links involves creating and executing a link building program that is both ethical and enduring. An experienced SEO firm can handle the task efficiently if you decide you'd rather not spend the time.

Symptom #3: Your Competitor Is Listed Above You

Search engine optimization also entails analyzing your competitor. If your competitor's website is listed above your own, you'll lose most of your traffic. The key is to understand that if they're listed above you, it simply means that their SEO firm is doing something that you're neglecting.

Symptom #4: You're Listed, But Traffic Is Low

One of the first things an SEO firm will explain to their clients is that your website can enjoy the top spots for your target keywords, yet receive no traffic. In truth, crafting a compelling title and description for each of your web pages is an often overlooked component of search engine optimization. If you're partnered with an SEO marketing firm, they'll be experienced in creating copy that attracts people.

Symptom #5: Your Traffic Isn't Converting

Getting listed and enjoying the traffic that comes to your website is only half the battle. Your SEO efforts must be rewarded with a positive return on your time, effort and money. Too often, business owners fail to think about how they'll convert visitors to customers once they arrive from the search engines. This is a critical skill that takes an immense amount of testing and tracking. Many people would rather hire an SEO firm to manage this task.

Is It Time To Hire An SEO Firm?

Becoming adept at search engine optimization is possible as long as you're willing to learn about the industry, keep up with the changes and adapt as needed. Google, Yahoo! and MSN are constantly changing their algorithms to provide their users with a better experience. If you don't have time to become an expert, it may be time to hire an SEO firm to help. Doing so may not be the right choice for every business owner, especially those who prefer to do things on their own. But, if you decide to work with an SEO marketing firm, they can manage the arduous tasks of SEO for you.
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Aaron Wittersheim is an author for Whoast, an SEO marketing firm serious about search engine optimization. This SEO firm specializes in achieving high search engine rankings for website owners.
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