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What To Do To Keep Your Subscribers Happy?

Aug 25, 2008
Creating a newsletter has many, many advantages. You'll be able to follow-up on current customers but also get potential customers interested and kick them off the fence.

Let's rephrase it a bit: Your subscribers list will help you promote anything and make you money. But make sure you don't promote crap. Build trust.

I got no inspiration. What should I talk about?

The goal is to turn potential customers into real customers. Simple but true.

You shouldn't write boring stuff. You should write entertaining but informative. And no informative does not mean boring at all. And it doesn't mean you should use hype, either. Just add a sprinkle of your own personality to it.

Do you have products to offer? Tell them about it. Tell them about updates, discounts and even new ones you added to the store. Just keep them interested.

What about the newsletter?

What about it? It's simple: Do not spam as people will hate you.

For instance using html messages is, in my opinion, a big no, no.

Also don't send your newsletter at irregular intervals. Send them ones a week, or even once a day. But whatever you do, stick yourself to something that you can handle. If you slowly want to increase the amount of emails you send, do it. But make sure you stick to it.

What's more, it's really important you give your readers a way to get out of your mailinglist if they do not like the content.

It will really spare you a lot of headache on the tons of spam complaints. Not to mention the amount of mails that end up in the spam folder if you get too many (and the hassle of getting off that black list again).

Promoting the newsletter.

You definitely want people to read your messages right? But what is the correct way to go at it? After all, there are a million and one ways to do it.

One of the easy ways to go at it is ezine advertising. This is simply:

You look for a list owner who sells places in his list. Then you send them money for the type of advertising you want, and you get your ad. Simple but it works like that.

Make sure you contact the ezine owner at first and ask him or her any questions you got on your mind.

The advantage of this is that this person probably spent a lot of time building and cultivating this list. And then they give you the opportunity to tap into it. It's a no-brainer and helps you concentrate on more important stuff like making money of your list.

A word of advise: Be independent and really build your list with those visitors. It's really a waste of traffic to send them to somebody else's list and leave LOTS of profits on the table.

Stay on the internet to have an idea how much each list is generating. In this way you'll know exactly which ezines you should continue to focus on (read: put money into) and which you can leave alone.
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