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Why Creating a 50+ Page Content Site Can get You Truckloads of Lazer-Targeted Traffic ?

Aug 17, 2007
Well, it is not that easy, there's a bit of work involved.

But the fact is creating a killer, keyword rich, theme based content site will get you truckloads of lazer targeted traffic.

Such sites stand well on search engines and attract truckloads of targeted traffic from 100s of keyword searches on the search engines.

The fact is, search engines love such sites focused on a particular theme with killer content.

While creating a killer minisite may tend to be extremely easy and quick, it does involve some initial efforts to create a quality content rich site and take it off the ground.

The system involves...

1. Choosing a topic of your interest.

2. Research demand and competition.

3. Selecting high demand, low competition keywords.

4. Creating 1 page for each keyword with quality content.

5. Linking them all together, tightly focusing on one theme.

6. Getting them indexed in search engines.

7. Increasing link popularity.

8. And trying hard till you get top rankings for your main keywords.

Once you apply this system, it takes some time for your site to get good rankings and that depends on the competition of your niche.

But once your 50+ page site gets completely indexed, the pages start appearing on 100s of search terms, your site achieves high link popularity status and high page rank score from Google, you will see some serious traffic pouring in.

And this is something amazing...

1. The traffic will be lazer targeted. Visitors will visit your site with an open mindset as they have searched for a particular keyword on the search engine, read your search engine listing and have clicked it to visit your site, showing a high amount of interest in your niche.

2. The traffic will be consistent and steady. It will be continuous, non-stop traffic pouring into your site 24/7.

3. And the best part is, the traffic will be absolutely FREE. And this free quality traffic that your site will receive from search engines will be far more better than the traffic you receive with paid promotion tactics.

You can't get a better deal.

Using this simple content site system you can sell your own products, affiliate products, resell right products or make autopilot adsense income.

No matter what you do, start applying this system today to churn out unlimited profits in future.
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