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Send Your Network Marketing Business into the Stratosphere with Email Marketing

Aug 25, 2008
Too many network marketers struggle with increasing their business's distributor database on a consistent basis. They employ the traditional methods, and as a result, these businesses inevitably turn to the Internet in search of answers and help. What they find there is scads of information about how Internet network marketing has the potential to be an effective way to grow a business.

As you delve into the world of marketing your business online, you learn much that will help you become a rock star marketer. One of the marks of a stellar network marketer is the ability to successfully build relationships. The element that bridges the gap between Internet marketing and network marketing is the tool known as email marketing, and it's something every network marketer should have in his bag of tricks.

Email marketing is the term given to the online, yet personal, process of forging relationships with prospects that are brought "into the fold" of your business through email. Here's how it works: Your business needs a lead capture page (the web page that gets peoples' attention), an autoresponder (to reply to inquiries automatically) and a blog. When a prospective customer chooses to opt in to your lead capture page, he is directed to your autoresponder. He has agreed to let you contact them in the future. This is your golden opportunity.

When a potential customer opts in, he is saying that he wants to learn more about your product or service. He is interested in what you have to say. Take advantage of this by sending each new prospect emails that promote your business in some way. Do you have expertise in your area? Promote your knowledge. Can you solve a problem? Promote your solution. Are you peddling a product or service? Promote your wares. The goal of email marketing is to sing the praises of something that interests your audience.

An autoresponder is a key element in successful email marketing. Think of it as your personal automated secretary. The autoresponder sends out pre-written emails systematically over a period of time designated by you. You write the emails in advance, when it is convenient for you. Be sure to inject your personality into these emails; it has been shown that after 4 to 7 emails from you, your prospect feels like they know you and they will have warmed up to you, which equates to a willingness to buy from you. And that's the goal! You can influence what your prospects want to buy, too, so be sure to promote what it is you want them to buy.

Email marketing is the piece of the business puzzle that most online network marketers overlook, and in doing so they let fall through the cracks the crucial relationship between themselves and their prospects. That is the key to the success of their network marketing business. Particularly in an MLM situation, it is important to forge this relationship so that your prospects will be inspired to become part of your network, which means more dollars in your pocket.

Here's one final word about how to improve your business through email marketing. It affords you the luxury of having leads driven to you, rather than having to chase them down. Having to play the role of the hunter rather than the hunted is the primary reason that many network marketers fail. You want your prospects to come to you, and email marketing is one of the best ways to do it.
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Network marketing and MLM home businesses should make full use of email marketing strategies.Erik Gifford,a network marketing internet attraction marketing coach,has posted a free article at network marketing guidance.
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