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The Truth About Paid Online Surveys

Aug 25, 2008
Paid online surveys can be a good way to make a little extra cash if you find the right website. The downside is that they often pay so little for filling out paid online surveys, that all you can make is a little extra change. Did you know that paid online survey sites has its down side for the company hosting the site as well as the person taking the survey?

Because the company pays so little to take a survey many people have become cheaters, and make it a money making scheme for them. How do they cheat? They fill out the paid online survey many different times using many different screen names and email addresses. They also lie on the qualifications, saying things that are not true just so they can qualify to take the survey. When they do get to take the survey, they rush through just clicking on any of the answers whether these are true or not. What this does is, that it gives the company false information. They end up with a lot of survey results that they cannot use.

For the participant the major negative is, that there are a lot of middlemen that are out there to make money. They look and sound like a legit site, but in all reality what they want to do is get your information so that they can turn around and sell it to hackers. If you do not want to loose your identity, just trying to make some extra money, here are some suggestions. Don't sign up for any paid online survey sites that requires that you pay them. Look for the privacy statements and disclaimers and read them carefully. If a website says that it is not a scam chances are that it is. Finally you should always trust your gut, if it sounds too good to be true, it most likely is.

Even though after reading this article you are thinking that you should just steer clear of paid online surveys, I recommend that you don't. There are a lot of companies out there that are trying to provide people with the best product that they can. In order for them to know what is right and what needs to be fixed they rely on the people and the results of these surveys. All I am saying is be careful and trust your gut. Whatever you do never give out your bank account number or credit card number until you are sure that the site you are giving it to is a legit site.
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