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Making Money Beyond the Ruts of Mundane

Aug 25, 2008
There's safety in the rut. Think about it, you're on a familiar path following a track that has a beginning point and an end point. Traveling back and forth on this rut each day provides a sense of safety if not adventure.

If you travel to various locations along the Oregon Trail you can still visibly see the wagon tracks carved in sandstone rock as one wagon train after the other followed a trail with a defined beginning (Missouri) and a defined end (Oregon).

There were those that got out of the rut and developed homesteads between those two locations and they experienced a powerful sense of adventure. It may have felt safer to keep rolling through the hills and sandstone in an effort to reach a defined point at the end of the rut, but for those that broke free they became the pioneers that settled the area between point "A" and point "B".

These brave men and women took risks and many found reward in establishing a new way of life on the western frontier.

Most money making ideas are an attempt to break free from the rut. The point "A" to point "B" experience many see is home to work and back again. These individuals don't see a personal satisfaction benefit to following the rut everyday, but they continue to do so for two primary reasons. The first has to do with guaranteed income and the other has to do with an inability to define what else could be done to take the place of the rut.

Moneymaking ideas are a primal call of the wild. They beckon the adventurous to get out of the easy chair and find the adventure of a lifetime. This trip has no clearly defined ruts and it can have a few problem spots along the way that you never see coming, but somehow the experience breathes new life into your passionate pursuit of living.

The search for moneymaking ideas is the essence of entrepreneurialism and it is in so many ways the closest thing to being a pioneer in the 21st century. There are new areas of interest that you can explore and new business opportunities that may be a good fit for the adventurer within.

Maybe you think this article has too many literary anaologies, but sometimes word pictures are one of the best ways to allow individuals to envision themselves taking what is often a highly emotional step forward into the unknown.

Imagine author Jack London writing his novel, "The Call of the Wild". He may have surprised himself with the adventure his words conjured up. This is the life story that you get to help write for yourself. You may not know what the next paragraph in your story will be like, but after several chapters of existing in the ruts it may be time for a plot twist. What's on the other side of that hill? What adventure exists beyond the proverbial river? Does your sense of adventure call to you to leave the rut behind?

A money making idea you develop yourself can help you move beyond the ruts of mundane.
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