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Writing An Attention Getting Press Release

Aug 25, 2008
Whether you are writing it for yourself or for someone else, a press release is not written like an ordinary article. The format is different and the tone can't sound like a hyped up sales pitch. It should read more like a news item. Since you are likely to submit it to a press release web site, you want to be sure it meets their guidelines. To do this, avoid using exclamation points as these are considered hype tags.

To prepare yourself mentally to write a press release, it can help to imagine yourself as a news reporter covering the opening of a new store. This helps you get in the right mood and that can help you to write it the way it should be.

Like a news reporter, think in terms of writing the who, what, when, where and why of the press release's topic. Also keep it in the third person. The writing should be objective, not subjective, so avoid using the pronoun 'I' and 'we' and don't make it too personal with the over use of 'you'.

No matter where you are going to submit the press release, the same basic format is used. Once you are familiar with it, it is easy to follow. Below are the different components of the format you will need to use.

Any press release you write should have this at the top of the page. It can be done without it but press releases that begin with this header tend to be more effective than those without it.

Contact Information
The contact information can go at either the beginning of the press release right after FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE or at the very end. It will depend on whether it is for publishing online or in print.

The headline basically tells what the press release is about in a nutshell. To make it more effective, bold it and keep it at about 80 characters.

Date and Info
People reading the press release will want to know the source, so include the name of the city and the date of the release.

Lead-in Paragraph
This is the most crucial paragraph of the entire press release. This is where you must grab the reader's attention in order for the press release to be successful. The key information of the press release will be in this paragraph and the rest of the piece will expand on it. Remember the who, what, when, where and why that was mentioned earlier? This is where you want to incorporate it.

The body of the press release
This part of the press release may be several paragraphs and will expand on what you covered in the lead-in paragraph. Whenever possible, it is helpful to include quotes in the body. This helps to draw the reader's attention and hold it.

Recap and conclusion
In this last part of the press release, you will want to summarize the press release and give something to make the reader think. This can be the date of the press release or something of interest about product, service, website or store.

These are the basics of writing a good press release. Just remember that you want to catch the attention and interest of the reader in what the press release is announcing or promoting. With a little practice, you will soon be writing effective, interesting press releases.
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