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Discovering Pay Per Click Advertising

Aug 25, 2008
The name pay per click may not make sense at first but once you familiarize yourself with this form of advertising it is easy to understand. In fact the name is actually well suited for this promotion.

Stop a moment and think of all the expenses that running a large search engine incurs. A few examples would be employees, website maintenance, and management. This is a 24/7 business, with support and tech staff having to be available around the clock. Running a business costs money, as nothing is free.

With all these expenses, and more, you will need to find a way of earning income. Running your search engine is a full time job and you do not have time to earn extra money. Then you have an idea! Why not make some money from all the millions of searches you accumulate per day? The searchers scour your results pages right? Why not give advertisers the chance to use your search engine to advertise? Great exposure for their ads and money in the bank for you!

One problem arises. You are offering much more exposure than the local newspaper and other conventional medias so you really want to charge a good price for your improved service. Then you suddenly have an ideapay per click advertising.

Think about it. The more visitors an advertiser gets the better his profits will be. You can take advantage of this. You will charge the advertiser for every click he gets on his ad, it will not make any difference if he gets a sale or not. You also make sure it is a small amount per click to keep the advertiser happy.

All of the money the advertiser spent on pay per click advertising will be made back in sales. However sometimes searchers can click on the ads with no intention to buy. To prevent huge losses for the advertiser you implement the option to put a cap on the hits or bids so that only X amount of dollars will be spent for each campaign. This will stop the advertiser from losing out if people randomly click ads.

So in a nutshell, this is what pay per click means. It is a wonderful idea and there is a possibility to earn good money. You will cover the costs for your search engine and the marketer will be able to increase their sales.

Armed with the knowledge about pay per click advertising you can now try it yourself. You will find it an ideal partnership of your search engine and the promoter. Both of you stand to earn good money.
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Brian Basch is a ppc bid management expert. He has been driving quality leads to his businesses and clients for years. In reality, adwords management is crucial to your business. Visit www.propayperclickmanagement.com
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