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Headache-Free Web Hosting Comparison

Aug 25, 2008
Doing a web hosting comparison does not have to be a huge headache. If you do your research, you will avoid common pitfalls. Many people end up relying on biased opinions. Be aware that many sites out there ranking web hosting services are being paid to recommend you certain companies.

Also make note of exactly what you want and need before doing an online web hosting comparison. For example, if fast web hosting is a necessity, narrow down your choices to the fastest providers to make your search a lot faster.

If you have your priorities down and know exactly what services and features you are looking for, fancy extras and freebies won't sway your opinion. Furthermore, decide on a price range for the monthly payments you would be willing to pay and remember that choosing something solely because it is the cheapest is a mistake.

On the other hand, higher monthly payments do not determine that a service is better than its cheaper counterparts so do your homework. There are other factors that will play a bigger part in determining the quality and reliability of a particular service provider.

Clarify Your Wants and Needs Prior to Doing a Web Hosting Comparison

First decide on the kind of web hosting service you are looking for. There is everything from E-Commerce webhosting to Dedicated webhosting to Budget webhosting. If you want a site that is simple and affordable, your choice should be Budget webhosting. If you want to sell products online, you need E-Commerce webhosting.

Learning about your options and the type of hosting service that suits your needs is the very first step you must take. Once you decide on the kind of hosting you need, learn about the minimum services and features you should expect. At the minimum you should expect 24/7 customer support, large bandwidth, and between 99% to 99.9% uptime. Then determine how much bandwidth and disk space as well as how many email accounts you need.

Once you know more or less what you are looking for, find a website that is not tied to any one company to do a web hosting comparison. Many sites provide charts that help you compare the different companies more easily. In order to make the most of your web hosting comparison, when you can narrow your list down to the top 10-20, read real customer reviews on open forums in order to find out whether the companies live up to their claims.

If you follow these tips, doing a web hosting comparison and deciding on a service provider will be less time-consuming and most of all, you are more likely to be satisfied with your final choice.
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