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A World Industrial Rubber Products Market Leader

Aug 25, 2008
Reportlinker.com, a market research engine which provides full access to open access market research reports, recently announced a new report. The "World Industrial Rubber Products Market" report exclusively relates to the industrial equipment industry, which includes producers of custom-molded rubber and rubber-to-metal bonded parts for noise and vibration control.

According to the ReportLinker.com summary, this market research report "analyzes the worldwide markets for Industrial Rubber Products in Millions of US$. The major product segments analyzed are Mechanical Rubber Goods, Rubber Hose and Belting, and Other Industrial Rubber Products."

Key topics covered in the report include:

* Industrial Rubber - Product Types
* Molded Rubber Products
* Vibration Control Products
* Other Industrial Rubber Products
* Rubber Anti-Vibration Mounts
* Sound Insulation
* Emission of Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) and Particulate Matter II-22 Sources of VOCs in Rubber Processing (VOCs, or Volatile Organic Compounds, are defined by the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) as "organic chemicals that have a high vapor pressure and easily form vapors at normal temperature and pressure.)

The report also "profiles 707 companies including many key and niche players worldwide," including world leaders in rubber molding and rubber-to-metal bonding. Because of its niche nature, one particular product is left out of this comprehensive market research report: the Vibro-Insulator®. The Vibro-Insulator line of isolators and mounts are used for the control of noise, vibration and shock.

The Vibro-Insulator manufacturer produces hundreds of different SPC-certified custom rubber parts for companies throughout the United States. Key custom rubber molding offerings (comprised of large parts, small parts, rubber to metal parts and complex shaped parts) include:

* Neoprene Bellows
* Ski Lift Pulley Wheel
* Custom-made Dock Bumper
* Convoluted Locomotive Boot
* Air Inlet Elbow
* Viton Seal
* Silicone rings for heart-lung machine
* Voting machine part with nitrile bonded to nylon
* Fractional horsepower motor mount
* Drain body
* Business machine part
* Cylinder seal with Viton or high acrylic nitrile bonded to aluminum, brass, stainless steel or nylon
* Electric motor mounts with neoprene bonded to brass or cadmium plated steel
* Flapper valve with rubber bonded to cast aluminum
* Idler roller with neoprene bonded to steel
* Air spring bumper with high abrasive SBR bonded to anodyzed steel
* Square bonded center mount
* Pump Impeller
* Gear shift boot for off road equipment
* Silicone steering column seal
* Control panel switch cover
* Outdoor electrical socket covers
* Gas pump nozzle gasket

The company also offers a full range of noise and vibration control products, including cylindrical, compression, KS series stainless steel, insulator pads, continuous strips, low frequency ring mounts, square mounts, conical, bumpers and feet, center bonded, flex, torsional, flange and plate mounts. Its modern manufacturing plant is staffed by rubber / industrial molding personnel with many years of experience. The company offers compression, transfer and injection molding services. A reliable source for high-quality rubber, the Vibro-Insulator manufacturer has made a name for itself in the worldwide industrial rubber parts industry. Today it ranks among the best-known and most respected producers of custom engineered all rubber and rubber-bonded-to-metal products.
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Carmen Fontana is a Web Services Manger for Western Reserve Internet Services. She recommends visiting www. karman.com for more information on noise reduction and vibration isolation.
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