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How to Successfully Start a New Blog

Aug 25, 2008
What does it mean to successfully start a new blog? Are you planning to make big money with Google Ads? Is your direction for happiness in writing and sharing ideas? There are many different kinds of success.

In the end, it is completely up to you to define what you regard as successful. This article is not about the technical setup operation for your blog, but about the realistic idea of how you want your blog to run on a daily or weekly basis.

A collection of guidelines and tools helping you to become a successful blogger are all available free online. It does not have to cost you money to start your blog. It might take you time to search for what you personally want, but it's worth the effort.

In the beginning you should check out: getting started, goals, etiquette, content, comments, marketing and statistics. You don't need all of these at first and you can mold your blog to your satisfaction as you progress and realize what you really want.

To have a successful blog you need fresh, new and continual ideas. As you walk and any unique perspective comes to you, jot it down. Don't lose any idea; carry a small notebook with you. You never know when a great idea will appear, don't lose any.

Most bloggers who are making decent money today slogged on for years without ever making any serious money. Keep in mind that happens with most bloggers at first. Don't let frustration be the controller of you and your blog.

If you only have 7 people reading, work like you have 7,000 readers. If you don't work hard when you have almost no readers, you're never going to get to 7,000. People are smart and will know whether you believe in yourself or not.

Don't post your actual email address on the net or you may end up being deluged with spam. Instead, put your email address up in a way that people can interpret, but spammer bots can't, for example, abc-at-aol-dot-com.

Keep your chin up when the post you're sure is going to pull in tons of traffic bombs. No matter how much work you put in, or fantastic your idea is, it's possible it won't catch the interest of others. This will happen and may happen often. Keep working, the most persistent bloggers always win.

Set a minimum level of acceptable content on your daily page (if that is your desired goal) and make sure you meet it. Once you start slacking off, it gets easier and easier to continue slacking. Even if your goal is to post once per week, stick to it.

Learn from examples, and take a look at the really popular blogs and ask yourself why these blogs have been able to build up such a readership. If you are able to understand why, perhaps this might enlighten your scope of successful blogging. You may be able to emulate their marketing techniques and strategies and this will increase your success.

Overall blogging is dang fun so get started and enjoy your blog.
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