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Email Reputation is Important For Making Money Online

Aug 25, 2008
There have been many studies conducted within the last few years about what exactly makes a web site popular in the online world. Although there are many answers to this intriguing question, many experts agree that how much money you make with the Internet holds a direct correlation with a sites email reputation and not necessarily the quality of content that you produce. A business email reputation is much more important to making money with the Internet than other things such as content.

In over half of the cases when people receive emails, they do not ever look at the content or if they do, they only skim over the text briefly. People decide to open certain emails by only looking at the title of the email and also at who sent it. If the email was sent by a reputable online business or Internet site, then people will be more willing and have a stronger desire to open the email and look at what you have to offer.

The most important task, then, for you as an Internet company owner is to figure out effective techniques that will allow you to strengthen your email reputation and ultimately make money with the Internet. There are many ways that you can build the reputation of your emails, and this particular article will talk about a few of the major problems that studies have found in emails that are blocked by ordinary online users. If you quickly apply effective methods to your emails and also eliminate any of the problems that you have, then your site will become more popular on the Internet and you will also become more financially profitable as time goes on.

Keep Emails Short And Small

In many situations, if people receive emails that are too large and clog up their mailboxes, then they will quickly delete them in order to free up space for more important and personal emails that they want to receive. You should design and create your emails in such a way so that they remain small and short so that people will first open them and second, read what you have to offer. If an email has too much content and is overbearingly long, then people will definitely not have the desire to read such a long and tedious email.


People like to receive emails that are personally addressed to them and that are not automatically generated by an online auto responder. The business owners that take the time out to personalize every email that they send will soon reap the rewards of providing such valuable customer service to potential visitors. You should try to personalize as many emails as you can so that people are attracted to your kindness and great sense of customer service.


As you create emails, make sure that you imbed links into your emails content so that people have a chance to actually visit your site without any trouble. If you highlight these links in your emails, then you will build your sites reputation and also be able to make money with the Internet.
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