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Why Am I Getting Clicks, But No Purchases?

Aug 25, 2008
Do you have business questions that are stopping you from really progressing within your market? I know as my business grew I came across road blocks, big and small, that sometimes would put me behind schedule or just stump me. In this article I will answer one of those questions on affiliate marketing.

Let's start with the question:

I have referred over 25 people through my link to an affiliate product I am promoting. The problem is, I haven't made any sales. Am I doing something wrong?


Conversion rates will vary depending on a few things, such as the way the product is positioned, the copy of the salesletter, what guarantees or bonuses are linked with it.

One thing to keep in mind is that it often takes more than 25 clicks to any product for it to start generating sales. You really have to consider the type of traffic that is being sent to your page, because that is what will ultimately determine the number of sales.

Take this for example, if 40 cat lovers clicked a link for a dog training website, it is highly unlikely that there would be many sales. My biggest piece of advice for affiliates is to really focus on the type and quality of traffic that you are sending through your links.

Promoting to people that fit within the target market for the product is essential. After doing this you want to position the product correctly so that it appeals to all the key issues that market is looking for.

* Think about their biggest challenges? Frustrations?

* What are their desires?

* What does your market want? (ex. free time, more money, more influence etc.)

Answering these types of questions will really get you in the mind of the people you want to be promoting to. Assuming that you are promoting to people that are somewhat targeted for the type of product you are offering, answering these questions will help you position the product better. As a result the traffic that you send will be much more targeted.

Before you can really step back and figure out where you might be able to improve your promotion you have to remember it typically takes at least 100-200 clicks to find any real problems. It is at that point where you have enough data to be able to make a judgment properly.

The first thing you want to start with is making sure you are promoting to the appropriate target market for the product you are offering. The next step would be to focus on how you are positioning that product to them.

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