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Some Undefined Aspects of Search Engine Optimization

Aug 25, 2008
Every day hundreds of websites are born on various aspects and themes and they get listed in search engines in very short time. In search engine also the ranking of the site in a particular website vary everyday. So there are tough competitions in the web world also to improve the search engine ranks.

Though many sites rank well at first but slowly their rank decrease after the initial period. Thus only some sites survive in the web world. This is because of proper optimization by SEO professionals.

Keywords choosing are a big thing in SEO or Search Engine optimization. You need to have the right keywords to convert the targeted visitors into customers.

When a search engine crawls through your website it go goes through the text on the website to collect the following information:

1. The type of business
2. The keywords used by you

With these two informations you will be distributed in certain category. Next with the keywords the search engine calculates the number of good keywords you have in the text. So when a search engine crawls and find that the keywords are there in the site and the keywords are relevant to the page them automatically the search engine will improve the rank of the website because your site has that information what people are looking for.

The good keywords definition may vary from search engine to search engine as the good keywords are calculated based on the search volume. So naturally the search volume with a particular keyword will vary from search engine to search engine. Moreover each search engine has its own set of rules to decide the ranking of the web pages.

After keywords there is another important thing which people hardly talk of and that is Web ranking software. It is always difficult to find the website ranking for each keyword if you try to find out the position one by one manually. It is time consuming. So Web ranking software is specially designed in such a fashion that the process of rank report generation is an automated one. This will definitely save a huge amount of time. The software will find the position of the website for a selected number of keywords for selected number of websites. The software will produce a customized report of the search engine ranking. Thus the SEO professional can plan their action according to the report and start the link building depending upon the keyword position.

Since we get the majority of the traffic from various search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN so we can't neglect the search engines. Bu t search engine site submission is not enough. Research says that when a visitor is searching anything in search engine they will search for the first 3- 4 pages of the search result. So staying in the 5th or 6th page is almost staying no where as visitors will not look into your site. Thus your aim should be to be in the first three pages. So you have to do better search engine ranking for the site.
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