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Options For Attorney Marketing

Aug 25, 2008
There are many options available today for attorney marketing. In fact, there are so many options available that it can be difficult for the lawyer to decide which method will work best for him and his firm. Each option needs to be considered carefully before a decision is made.

Television is an option for attorney marketing. Lawyers can purchase air time in order to advertise on commercials. In the digital age, this is not as effective of an advertising tool as it once was. Now, more homes than ever have a digital video recorder which enables them to record their shows and fast forward through the commercials. This causes the commercials with the lawyer's information to be missed. Therefore, this is no longer an effective adverting method.

Some lawyers use the radio in order to get their name out to the public. The radio was once a great forum for advertising. Now, with commercial free satellite radio on the rise, the radio does not offer the same broad reach that it once did. Money can be wasted on radio advertisements. There is not a guarantee that people will even hear advertisements on the radio, and if they do, they will not be able to get a visual of the company, which is often necessary.

Attorney marketing can also be done through print media such as newspapers and magazines. Just like television, this can be a very expensive way to advertise. Also, many people do not pay attention to the advertisements they see in their newspapers and magazines. They skip through them, paying little if any attention to what they say. That causes this to also be an ineffective method of advertising.

The Yellow Pages are another print outlet that is used for advertising. At one time, it was a very viable method. In fact, people used to almost always use the phone book in order to find services. Now, that is not the case as much anymore. In fact, many advertisements in the Yellow Pages go unnoticed. As the times have changed, companies have realized that the Yellow Pages do not offer effective marketing.

Some firms rely simply on word of mouth. While word of mouth can certainly be powerful, it does not replace the need for sound advertising. Word of mouth will certainly help a company but a sound advertising strategy is still needed in order for the firm to be successful.

Currently, the most popular medium for attorney marketing is through the internet. More people than ever are going online to get their information. Firms can put as much information as they wish onto the internet, and in most cases it is not expensive. When advertising on the internet, firms know that they are reaching a large amount of people at all times.

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