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How Blogging Makes Building High Traffic Easier To Do

Aug 25, 2008
A nice looking blog is not going to get the job done. What is going to get the job done is combining blogging with other marketing methods to build high traffic more quickly. Let's take a little closer at how your blog can make building high traffic easier to do.

The basics of Internet marketing and in getting traffic have always been about getting back links. A back link is where your website address is on somebody else's website, or where your blog URL is on somebody else's website or blog.

Some of that you can control and other ways you need some help. It all starts with writing a good article and getting it posted in your blog the right way. For this you might want to study up a little bit on search engine optimization, but targeting the right keywords in your blog post is one of the keys to this.

The next thing you want to be sure and do is social bookmark every blog post. You can quickly do this by joining Onlywire and the social directories they include. You should also bookmark your blog posts to some of the major social directories such as Stumbleupon, Digg, and Propeller.

Another thing you can do is post comments in other people's blogs and include a link back to your own website or blog. These can serve search engine bait, as well as again give you a back link where people can find your site from.

Posting in discussion forums is another way to do this. Include a link in your signature file back to your website and to your blog. You are not only going to increase your traffic, but you are also going to increase the quality of your traffic doing these sorts of things.

Today allowing customers to get involved in the blogging process is a great way to get repeat traffic. Invite them to leave comments about your blog articles. Be sure in reply to their comments and let them know to you have done so. This is a way to get them coming back on a consistent basis.

Other things you can do include adding audio and video to your site, which makes it more interesting, allowing them to vote in polls or surveys, and even allowing them to add blog articles themselves.

Blogging definitely makes building high traffic easier because there are so many ways you can go about getting people to come to your blog and getting them to come back.
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