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The Easiest Way To Social Bookmark A Blog Article

Aug 25, 2008
If you have done any type of marketing on the Internet you understand the importance of getting traffic back to your website or blog. This can be more difficult to do than it sounds. However, if you have a blog you should be social bookmarking all of your blog posts, and we are going to talk about the easiest way to do that in this article.

When you social bookmark a blog post you are creating a back link back to your blog. In the past getting back links to your site could have been done in various ways including reciprocal linking, classified ads, article directories, ezine advertising, discussion forums, and so on.

Your goal was, and is, to get your website URL in his many different places as possible. The more back links you had the more opportunities there were for people to find you.

Now when you blog, you can social bookmark your blog article much like you were submitting an article to an article directory, except it is easier to do.

The easiest way I know to do that is to join as many social directories as you possibly can. One place you can quickly do that is on a website, at Onlywire.

There you will find over 20 directories that you can join in one location. Then you can go to your only wire account and submit your newest blog article with one click.

They then take the information that you give them and turn around and bookmark it to all of the directories for you. The great thing about the service is they do not charge anything for it.

The hardest part is joining the 20 directories, initially, and that does not take that long to do. From here on out you are now going to be getting back links to your blog URL in over 20 directories every time you submit your newest blog post to your Only Wire account.

These back links serve two purposes. First of all there is potential traffic from the social directory back to your blog.

Secondly, they serve as search engine bait for the search engines to find the newest blog post to. If a search engine likes what you are writing they can rank you high, which gives you additional traffic from them as well.

Social bookmarking your blog articles to as many directories as possible is a smart thing to do. Certainly one of the easiest ways to bookmark a blog article is Onlywire.
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