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Why You Shouldn't Overcrowd Your Aquarium

Aug 25, 2008
Owning your own aquarium can be really rewarding as you get to observe all kinds of beautiful, colourful fish.

There is nothing more relaxing than watching your fish swimming around, exploring their habitat.

However, with so many different fish to choose from, many people often make the mistake of overcrowding their aquarium.

While it can be great to have a variety of different species in the tank, overcrowding could lead to a number of potentially fatal problems.

The Problems that Come with Overcrowding your Aquarium

You can overcrowd your aquarium in two ways:

You can overcrowd it with fish or you could overcrowd it with accessories.

If you overcrowd the aquarium with fish then one of the main concerns you could be faced with is that you may be adding extra toxins to the water.

Keeping fish can be hard work and each one creates their own toxins that have to be frequently cleaned from the water. If you add too many fish then the toxin levels will rise and this can be potentially dangerous for the fish.

Different types of fish will also require different alkaline levels. Ideally if you are keeping a community aquarium then you should aim for a PH level of around 6.8-7.0.

An overcrowded aquarium will also require more maintenance. You will have to filter the water more frequently and you will also have to monitor the PH levels constantly.

Overcrowding will also demand more oxygen and obviously a lack of oxygen in the aquarium could be potentially fatal for your fish.

As well as poor quality water, if you place too many fish in the aquarium then there is more chance that they will develop diseases. This is because the parasites that cause disease will have more fish to feed on and obviously the water quality will be poor so the parasites will thrive.

A potentially serious problem that overcrowding can bring is that if anything were to go wrong, it could be disastrous. Usually when you have a normal amount of fish in a tank and if the heater was to break for example, you could fix it in time to save your fish from suffering because of it. However, if the aquarium is overcrowded then it will take longer to fix the problem and all of the fish could die as an outcome of this.

Overall, overcrowding your aquarium can cause a wide number of problems. The main problems come when there are too many fish in the tank, however there could just as easily be too many accessories, and this is easily done as there is now such a wide variety available for your fish. Many fish don't like their aquarium packed with accessories and so it is a good idea to provide places to hide, but still keep plenty of space for the fish to swim around in. If you follow the tips mentioned within this article then you will avoid the many potential overcrowding problems that may arise with keeping an aquarium.
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