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Increase Your Profits By Outsourcing Your Online Advertising

Aug 25, 2008
With the explosion of search engine advertising how can you make sure your website is seen? Just a few years ago search advertising barely existed. Now it's the fastest growing advertising there is. Jack Myers, a media forecaster in his 2005 ad-spending report expects online advertising to generate sales of $10.2 billion, or a 5.3 percent share of total ad spending.

With this explosive growth search engine advertising is becoming more specialized. With more and more companies shifting ad dollars from print media, according to the Association of National Advertisers (ANA), the number-one recipient of the redirected budgets was the internet.

With greater competition online, more search engine analytical tools, and more targeted keyword phrases, it has become much harder for companies to handle campaigns internally. In fact, studies have shown that half of all large marketers and over 30 percent of small marketers had trouble managing their own search engine marketing campaigns.

The result is that many companies look to third-party firms to manage their search engine marketing. In a report by Jupiter Research 48% of large marketers and 23% of small marketers are currently outsourcing their SEM programs. According to them 80 percent of companies that outsourced are significantly more satisfied with the performance of their campaign (compared to just 58 percent for those that handle SEM in-house).

Successful online entrepreneurs are saving time, money and in-house resources by outsourcing pay-per-click campaigns and search engine optimization work to third parties. The competition is fierce. The sheer volume of websites competing online for a few niche customers is mind boggling. Trying to catch the attention of a few hot customers can become a real pain when done in-house.

Would you rather interview applicants; Pay medical and dental; Pay into 401k plan; Pay a generous salary with bonuses; Pay for time off; Supervise another employee; Pay search engine pay-per-click rates; Set up extensive tracking and roi proficiency, and finally Interview applicants again due to employee attrition? Or, just hire a third party to handle all this for you.

If it's an e-commerce site this important function becomes even more important.

Whether your business needs hot leads, sales orders or you're just looking to strengthen your brand, targeted search engine traffic provides the answer. Whether they're just seeking information or hot to make a purchase website advertising today means offering information rich pages that answer the questions these visitors need.

Search engine advertising helps companies target their ideal audience at the best possible time -- when the customer is looking for them. Instead of appealing to the masses and hoping for the best, smart marketing strategies are more about being found by those needing your products or services.

With ever tightening budgets and shorter deadlines many businesses are finding it impossible to hire and retain search engine professionals in-house. The only viable solution is outsourcing all search engine work. There are many search engine professionals offering their services at competitive rates to any online business. Most of them are well qualified and experienced to make a good addition to the business.
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