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Is the Franchisor's Current System of Good Quality?

Aug 25, 2008
Choosing to start a franchise business is a great opportunity for many. It is a great chance to own your own business with fewer risks than starting a business from nothing really. A franchise is usually a great choice because they have already been opened; they have training, offer support, and have system and policies in place that work. Well, they should offer all of these things to new franchisees and if not, you should choose another franchise. Those reasons are why new franchisees have a better chance at success then new business owners. One of the main things to look for is whether their current system is of good quality. If not you will not be jumping on the path to success!

You want to find a franchisor that has a well developed system that works! If they do not have quality systems in place for how to do things on a daily basis you will be stumbling through your business venture rather than sailing right through. You will have plenty of things to worry about as you begin your business, with a franchise you should have a little bit easier of a time since they should have procedures, policies and how to for everything already. Many people will become frustrated if they are forced to figure out things that the franchisor should already have in place and working to the best standards. This can lead to failure from simply just giving up. Since your future success can depend on this one thing, it is important that you evaluate for yourself their operating systems. Definitely ask them and listen, but do a little research on your own about it.

Things to know about their system before you decide if their franchise is right for you.

1. Figure out how long their systems have been in place. If they have only been in place a short time it will be hard to figure out if they really work. If they have been in place to long with no updates they may be outdated.

2. Find out if the systems really work. How successful has all of their franchises been in different areas. If they consistently have the same problems occur and do nothing to fix it, this is a problem for future franchisees like you.

3. You must know if they have a training program in place for training your on their systems. If they do it will show that they value your success and their systems. If not you will may feel alone and get discouraged. This is a big part in the success of franchising.

4. Do they offer support after the initial meeting for their system. If not it may mean that they do not care about how well their system works or your future success as a franchisee.

You also want your franchisor to have a great communication system in place from the beginning. You want to be able to receive changes to policies, systems, procedures or other valuable company information before it is happening.

Be sure to look for a franchise that has a quality system already in place for you to work toward success!
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