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The Simplicity of Website Optimization

Aug 25, 2008
The overall process of search engine optimization includes both on-site and off-site techniques. This article will cover some simple steps that will help any site become more search engine "friendly" and more interesting to human visitors.

On-Site optimization includes all changes made to your actual site such at Meta Tags on every page, content writing and management, internal linking and navigation structure, keyword usage and overall website clarity and quality.

Meta Tags are special pieces of information added to the HTML code of your web site in order to give vital information to search engines some of which they then impart to their users. The Title Tag for instance appears as the heading for your site's listing in the search engine. Each page of your site must have its own Meta tags to give it a chance to rank in the search engines, which consider each page individually.

A key factor in any site is the unique content it provides the visitors. All sites need content and content added on a regular continuing basis show visitors and search the site is vital and changing. This is a site that people will want to come back to again and again thus increasing popularity and the chances of the becoming a customer or client. The key is adding pages of content on a regular and continuing basis. Too many people create a website (or have one designed for them) and then that is that. It's done. This does not make a site as attractive or interesting to visitors or search engines as one that is constantly changing and growing. You want visitors to know that you yourself are interested in your site and its subject. This will make them more interested and more like to tell others about it.

The internal linking and navigation structure of your site should be easily understandable to your visitors. They should always know where they are on your site and be able to quickly and easily get to any other page. An additional advantage of clear, complete and working navigation is the search engine spiders can follow your links ensuring each page of your site is indexed. A page called 'site map' which lists with hyperlinks all the pages of your site acts much like a good index in a book. Once you create a 'site map' page make sure you list a link to it on every other page of your site.

It used to be that keyword density played an important roll in search engine ranking. However this became an area of fraught with unethical search engine optimization (SEO) practices. Now it is far less important a technique. Just write your page so the subject is clear, understandable and interesting.

The importance of website clarity, structure and quality cannot be overstated. The better your site the more others will want to link to you. Hence the more popular and valuable your site will become. Also, the longer a visitor stays on your site the more likely they are to buy your product or use your services. Keep it clear, informative and interesting.
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Meridith Berk is one of the founders of UltimateSitePromotion.com one of the oldest and most respected Search Engine Optimizing and Pay Per Click Management firms on the Internet. To find out more about Website Optimization you can visit her site at http://ultimatesitepromotion.com
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