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Top 3 Promotions for Internet Marketing

Aug 25, 2008
When people attempt to get into the internet marketing arena, they often feel lost and confused. The internet is a vast and expansive place; trying to figure out exactly how to efficiently market to all of these people can be confusing. There are seemingly thousands of different ways to use the internet for internet marketing purposes. While there are many different ways to use the internet to your advantage with your marketing efforts, doing promotions can be a great way to market a company in a subtle way. There are three major ways to use promotion as an internet marketing tool.

Social Networking Sites

Social networking sites have managed to bring the internet together into one area. These large websites bring together millions of people on one site. They allow all of these people to connect in multiple and different ways. Managing to work a promotion with a social networking site is a great way to add some strength to internet marketing. Promotions with social networking websites can be as simple as money toward an update or a "cool new feature". Some promotions in the past have actually managed to "take over" the home page of the social networking website. This saturation is a great internet marketing tool.

Gaming Websites

Some companies have even gone as far as to do promotions is new and fun ways; game websites are a great example of this idea. Websites all across the internet aim to please visitors by giving them games to play. Anyone who is bored and looking around on the internet loves to pass the time by playing games. Some have simply turned their advertisements into mini games; these advertisements have been some of the most popular on the internet. Some promotions are actually entire websites dedicated to games. Some of theses games have tie ins and promotions for the actual company; this is a great way to bring in visitors and allow people to enjoy themselves while they are saturated with logos and information about your company, product, or service.

Special Sales

A great promotion can be done through advertisements or e-mail. Doing special sales that cater to those who have found you on the internet is a great way to increase customers, and to increase internet marketing interest. These coupons and sales can directly link to your company's website; having "print off coupons" as a form of internet promotion will allow you to use the marketing to its fullest. Using sales as an online only idea is a great way to use internet marketing in your marketing plan.

While these are not the only promotions that can be done on the internet, they are the promotions that have been proven to be the most successful. Companies have already been using these promotions for internet marketing for years. While you may not be the first to do so, these are still promotional opportunities that can do nothing but good things for your internet marketing campaign.
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