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Marketing A Work From Home Opportunity With A Newsletter

Aug 25, 2008
One very popular internet marketing strategy is to publish and distribute a newsletter on a regular basis. Newsletters are essentially emails which can contain content, graphics, links and subtle forms of advertising. In general, newsletters should be informative in nature and useful to the recipient but can also serve as a very powerful marketing tool. This article will examine newsletters and explain how they can be used as an effective online marketing strategy for a home based business opportunity.

The number one thing to consider when attempting to use a newsletter as a marketing strategy is the distribution list for the newsletter. This is of the utmost importance because for a newsletter to be an effective marketing tool, recipients must read it! If they are interested in the products, services or income opportunity the newsletter relates to, they will likely view the newsletter as worthwhile and look forward to receiving it.

Using deceptive tactics like harvesting email addresses to blindly send out a newsletter to a larger audience is a deadly marketing strategy and a complete waste of time. More importantly this type of list building will not reach a targeted audience. If it were to reach anyone interested in an affiliate program for example, it would be purely by accident. Keep in mind, sending a newsletter to an unsolicited audience will more than likely result in the newsletter being viewed as nothing more than spam. This can have more serious consequences beyond just being a wasted effort. Specifically, recipients of the newsletter may block the email address or even report the newsletter publisher to their internet service provider as a spammer. This can have damaging consequences such as loss of business or even harsher penalties.

So how does a newsletter publisher establish a distribution list?

The best way to establish a distribution list for a newsletter is to get people to request it by completing a form. The form only needs to request their name and email address. Most newsletter publishers put the form on the home page of their web site. The newsletter publisher could also set up a forum or open a blog and include the form, allowing interested visitors an opportunity to subscribe, or request the newsletter be emailed to them.

In addition to sending the newsletter to subscribers, the publisher can also send information on their work from home opportunity or other affiliate programs and products.

The next thing to consider is the over all content of the newsletter. Establishing a theme for the newsletter around the work from home opportunity being promoted makes it easier to decide on much of the content. The publisher may include any number of things within the newsletter such as articles, reviews, graphics, links, advertisements, promotions and specials. Keeping blatant advertising to a minimum is ideal but it is acceptable to use "soft-sell" techniques to promote products, services or income opportunities.

A newsletter must provide value, so the main copy should be directed to insightful information which will be useful to the readers. A great way to do this is to include objective articles, product reviews or shorter articles containing useful tips or generic marketing ideas. Publishers will include links to their web sites or to other websites which are relevant to the content and useful to the reader. The links may come in the form of direct advertisements or they could be embedded in the copy of the newsletter, which is a very good way to subtly promote your income opportunity.

It is easier today more than ever to publish a work from home newsletter. Publishers can simply visit the search engines to find fresh professionally written content in an unlimited supply. Top quality content will keep subscribers reading your newsletter and at the same time create new prospects for your internet business.
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