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Powerful Landing Pages Don't Have To Be Difficult To Create

Aug 25, 2008
While doing some research for one of our clients on a pay-per-click campaign, I was reminded of how important it was to have an effective landing page. A landing page or squeeze page (as it is also known as because it gathers info and squeezes prospects into a funnel) is the site that you direct people to from a Google text ad, email, or direct mail campaign.

I see a lot of mistakes out there and they are too numerous to list here so I thought I'd give you the top three elements that you absolutely need to follow:

* Match: Make sure that the design (look and feel) and the headline match your direct mail, email, ad, or whatever else you used to drive people to the landing page. For example, you have an email campaign to drive your customers or prospects to a landing page. If the landing page doesn't match the email then people might feel that they are being tricked and sent to someplace different. Matching the headline is hugely important as well. Remember, people on average take 10 seconds or less to decide on whether they are going to continue on your landing page or not.

* One Thing: Make sure that you are giving your customers/prospects just one thing to do once they visit your landing page. I commonly see sites that are more like resource sites with a bunch of links for whitepapers, etc. Here's where our direct response or entrepreneurial approach to marketing comes in handy. My assumption is that you want to make a sale -- you only have a few seconds -- you don't want to confuse them or lose them. Make sure to give them clear direction as to what you are offering and what their call-to-action is (what you want them to do next). Don't try to do too much by giving them too much information or by giving them an exit by placing links that will basically send them away from your landing page before leaving their info on your form.

* Form: Make sure to place your form at the top or where it is visible once someone opens your landing page. If you are providing your prospects clear direction as to what to do, then you want to give them the vehicle to do just that. Don't make them search for it. Put the form right where they can see it. Normally, that is to the side or right up front and is easily visible once they open your landing page.

There are more things that go into a top notch landing page but these are a good start.
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