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How Storage Unit Auctions Work

Aug 25, 2008
In this slowing economy, people are not only losing their homes and cars. They are also losing storage units.. Then the storage unit bill is not paid, the contents are auctioned off. The storage company gets paid and the buyer gets to keep the contents from the storage unit. While this is bad for the unit owner, this could be very profitable for you.

These auctions are an excellent way to earn some extra income. It's not uncommon to buy an entire storage unit for pennies on the dollar and resell the items on Ebay, Craigslist or in flea markets.

The way a storage unit auction works is simple. In most cases, you will bid on the entire contents of the storage unit. You should have a gloves, a flashlight and a truck to haul all the stuff out of the unit. You will need to get the items out of the unit in a very quick period of time, so be prepared.

These auctions usually go very quickly. The general public is allowed to attend. The lock to the storage unit is cut off right when the auction begins and bidders have just a couple of minutes to peep inside and determine if the unit contains junk or treasure. Be sure to look in the back of the storage unit as the best items are usually hidden toward the back. Make sure you arrive early to get your sneak peek at the items being auctioned off. Often times, many items in the unit will not be viewable, so use your best judgment to figure out what's actually inside.

The fun of storage unit auctions is there's no telling what you might get. You might get something valuable, or you might just end up with junk for the dumpster. If you are persistent, you can make some good money from your treasures. Amazingly, you might even find business equipment in there. You might be surprised at the business equipment you will find. Sometimes restaurants will store valuable equipment in the storage unit and other times a mechanic will store some extra car parts in there. If a business goes under, its contents will often end up at a storage unit auction.

As you can see, storage unit auctions are a great way to make some extra money either part or full time. You can resell the on Ebay, Craigslist or flea markets. You might even open a resale shop someday. Good luck and happy hunting!.
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