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The Dos and Don'ts as an Existing Search Engine Marketing Client

Aug 25, 2008
When you have considered your options, calculated your budget and finally decided on a search engine marketing (SEM) company to employ, what's the next step? Well, it's important to know what will help or hinder your search engine marketing efforts:

* DO feel free to contact your SEM company whenever you feel the need. If a company won't answer your calls or emails, it may be that they are either avoiding you or don't offer good customer service. If they are avoiding you, it may be that they are employing 'black hat' SEO techniques (methods frowned upon by search engines) and don't want to discuss the campaign with you. If this happens, you should think carefully about staying with the company, and consider moving on to another.

* DO keep an eye on your search engine rankings/positions yourself. Whilst most companies won't lie about positions, it is best to be sure for your own peace of mind your site is where the company say it is (or thereabouts). It is true that websites may slide up and down the search results from time to time, but still it's best to check it for yourself.

* DO query anything said to you by the search engine marketing company that you don't understand or are not sure about. One of the main problems between clients and companies is lack of communication (from both sides) so it is important to ensure that, if you have a problem, you make sure the company knows about it.

* DO make sure you know who to contact in the event of you having concerns. Most companies will allocate an Account Manager, who will be responsible for your campaign, and should be the first line of contact. This person should contact you within the first week of the campaign to introduce themselves, but if not, make sure you contact the company to find out who this person is. Without this knowledge, you may end up being passed around the company without resolving the problem - not good!

Things that you shouldn't do as an existing search engine marketing client include:

* DON'T make changes to the website without asking the SEM company first for their advice. It could be that the changes you make, although beneficial in your eyes, could inadvertently harm the campaign by making the website non-search engine friendly.

* DON'T attempt to undertake SEM yourself, as techniques you use could end up harming the work you are paying the SEM company to do.

* DON'T worry if you do have questions to ask the company that may appear to have obvious answers or you don't understand anything that has been said or done. Any professional company should be more than willing to help you; after all, you are paying them for their expertise and services!

It is important to remember that you paying the company to do you a service, therefore you should expect them to communicate what they are doing for you. All stages should be explained to you in detail, and any questions you have willingly answered. If not, then maybe you should shop around to see if you could get better value for money from another company.
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