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Trade show Displays,Refurbish or Not to Refurbish

Aug 26, 2008
Times are changing; along with these changes are your compnay's images. You currently own an older trade show booth which was great a few years ago. It is now out dated and has seen it times. What do you do? Do you refurbish the older booth or do you look for an alternative plan like having a new booth design and built? Some exhibitors are faced with this problem some time or another. Here are few reason why or why not to refurbish your booth.

Shipping and Drayage cost are on the rise. Older trade show booth tends to be heavier in weight and cost a great deal more to ship to and from the convention hall. It certainly maybe more cost effective to rent or purchase a newer type trade show booth

If setting up your older structure is costly this maybe another deciding factor on whether to refurbish on not. Purchasing a newer and more economical structure maybe your best cost savings

It maybe tie to change your booth or refurbish if your trade show exhibit booth looks outdated. Your booth says a great deal about your company. Your booth should reflect your company image

If you are paying a great deal to store your older trade show booth and are not getting good use out of the booth, then it?s time to refurbish or get a booth that satisfies your company?s taste. Newer booths tend to be lighter in weight and can save a great deal in storage. If your decide to refurbish, this may eliminate some components that you no longer use or need

Sometime to refurbish may cost as much as a totally new trade show booth. Be conscious of the cost the cost to refurbish as oppose to just trashing your old booth and buying new. Another alternative is to use only the components that are light in weight and that are usable in a new design. Using older components with new fresh ones some time can be a great solution. Image is everything; cost and weight are close behind

In conclusion if the cost to refurbish does not give you the look you are after, or if it doesn't reduce the weight, then I would suggest seeking a new booth. You are paying too much for exhibit space in order not to look your best at any trade show. I have seen companies spend minimal amount on their trade show display booth at these shows. They did not get a significant amount of return on investment only to turn around and blame it on the show. Your trade show booth as well as your marketing should take top priority do not cheat yourself. It?s probably not the show, it maybe something you did not do correctly.
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