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An Email Marketing Solution Helps Second-Hand Stores

Aug 26, 2008
An email marketing solution is the cutting edge, cost effective way to get in touch with people regarding your second-hand store. As an owner or operator of a second-hand store, you can target homeowners in the process of selling, as a means to enhance your contact list that is set up for an email marketing solution. This way you'll have products coming in, in a more consistent manner and be able to redirect the focus of your emails for future promotions.

An email marketing solution is easily created, so you can start by building and optimizing your list with in-store email marketing solution sign-ups and web sign-ups. Also, the "forward to friends" option will expand your current contact list to other customers who are selling or buying.

In order to maximize your subscriber list, you can put up a sign-up bin, box, bottle, (or any other receptacle) in your store or at the drop off or loading section. This convenience will go a long way in giving customers the incentive to sign up for your email marketing solution campaigns.

Similarly, on your website, provide the same incentive. A top-notch email marketing solution service provider will give you a web sign-up box, free of charge, which connects to your email marketing solution account. People interested in finding out your location to drop off material for your store will be directed to this message and will want to sign up.

For both the in-store and web sign up box this convenience gives them the incentive to sign-up. But more than this, it will provide you with an email marketing solution contact list that expands your current one and furthers your an Email marketing solution strategies for future promotions.

The "forward to friends" option that an email marketing solution services provide will allow interested home owners to pass it on to friends struggling with the same issues when moving. Moving homes requires plenty of rearranging and TONS of "getting-rid-of." Such an undertaking can be frustrating and time consuming, and you better believe that people in the same situation are griping to one another about this. If your service provides a "forward to friends" option, like a good neighbor does, they will help out their friend in need and forward your contact information.

You now have the opportunity to expand your contact list to more people interested in your second-hand store. This way, when you have future promotions, summer sales, etc, you can contact these people to see if they have anything they need to get rid of for the particular occasion. Needless to say, the odd homeowner will poke their head in to buy something too, but for the most part, you will be attaining more consistent suppliers of used goods for your store. The more consistently you have people coming in to drop off material, the more you will be able to sell to people that truly need your store's merchandise.

By using an email marketing solution to grow your current contact list, or create your first contact list, you can target an important market for your second-hand store. Homeowners selling their homes will help you in attaining more goods more often for your second-hand store. Whether through your in-store or online convenience promotion, home owners will not forget how much easier you made their move. Do good, and reach more people doing it, with an email marketing solution.
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Robert Burko is the President of Elite Email, the complete email marketing solution package used by second-hand stores around the world. You can deploy comprehensive email marketing software for your second-hand store with a no-risk free trial. Start harnessing the power of an Email marketing solution today!
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