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Trade Show Exhibiting Do and Don't

Aug 26, 2008
Numerous amounts of exhibitors make so many mistakes while exhibiting at trade shows. Many wonder why they see poor ROI from their trade shows. Some of the do and don'ts are4 listed below

1. Corner booths can sometimes be the answer to your quest for traffic flow These locations may cost more, but despite costs they may be worth it based on the amount of traffic exposure (more exposure - more sales) Corner booths are more visible and have two or more sides of traffic flow. Getting such a location might be the answer to your returns on investment.

2. Good give-away - the biggest buzz - the biggest bait. Just walk the show floor, be a good observer also a good listener. For every ten minutes or so usually you'll hear "hey, where'd you get that!" one attendee to probably a complete stranger attendee. That's the power of these give-away. Word of caution to the exhibitor -Give-away can be very costly, and if your give-away program is not well organized, you'll see people walk in, you hand out your give-away, and they have no interest in your goods/products and just keep on walking. In this respect give-away can be very costly, while if used intelligently these can be a powerful weapon bringing attention to your products which can generally end in sales

3. Make sure and do preshow marketing. A great way is to do this is to send out e-mails or mailer. Invite attendees to your booth for a raffle and introduce your product. Let them know who you are.

4. Booth location can be a great traffic getter. Locate your booth in the second row from the front of the convention hall is usually the best location for incoming traffic. People like to settle in to the convention hall before being confronted. Another great location for traffic is usually by the bath rooms and or the food court area.

5. Try not to sit in your booth. I know it's difficult but try not to. If you must sit use a bar stool as oppose to a regular height chair. Never sit in an entry point to your booth. Sit always off to the side. Most of the time your sale force will be standing and greeting customers, help them out order double padding for you booth. Thye will love you for it, it's worth it

6. Never show prolong videos, a video should last maybe 30 seconds if that long. No one stand around to view a video longer than that. People still like personal communication. Loop your video, do not make it too technical. It should only be a quick glimpse of your company or product
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