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How To Fast Track Your Career With A Private Investigation Course

Aug 26, 2008
Becoming a private investigator continues to attract many people from other industries into a profession once considered a little seedy and well, a little underground. Today, it's almost reached ritzy levels.

So how do you become a P.I.? For those with little experience in any form of investigative work then a private investigation course is a great option. But beware, they are not all created equal.

For example, there is plenty of information on the web about getting a start in the P.I. industry but be rest assured, a prospective employer won't be too impressed with your application if all you've done is read an ebook.

Colleges And Universities

One of the first ports of calls should be your local college or university. While they don't conduct their own private investigation course there are those who administer them on behalf of third party educators.

These courses can be completed online and usually take about three months. However, if you have interruptions during that period then they are flexible enough to be picked up at any time within a specific time frame.

Courses Run By Private Investigators

Truth be known, these are probably the best type of P.I. courses. Why? Quite simply, you are being taught by people in the industry who have already worn the investigative path. That is, they have been in the trenches and know what's required.

But many experts within the industry say you still need to make a distinction between P.I. teachers. For example, someone who is still practicing within the industry may provide more course benefit than someone who's had a taste of it and doesn't have a practicing license anymore.

A good private investigation course should contain a good balance of practical and theory. Also keep in mind, the industry now fully utilizes the resources available online so a module covering this area will be extremely beneficial.

Obviously, surveillance training is a big aspect of the industry but bear in mind many successful sleuths today rarely leave their desks and that's because there is so much on offer online.

Don't forget, while you are completing your course this shouldn't prevent you from approaching P.I. firms. Many employers are impressed by those taking the initiative and may even offer the option of utilizing your services on a work experience level.

This is invaluable training in itself and if you are offered it then give it strong consideration. In fact, a combination of real life work experience in conjunction with a quality course is going to give your initial resume the kick start it needs and will make it irresistible to most employers.
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