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Kazaa Lite - Where Can I Download Free Kazaa Lite?

Aug 26, 2008
Many people use the internet for various reasons. They use it to chat with their friends. They use it to watch TV shows, movies, etc. They listen to music. They play online games. All these reasons are all for entertainment. People nowadays would connect their PC to the internet for the sake of entertainment.

But many of them that watches and listens through the internet want to obtain the files. They want to have those video and audio files. But their main problem is that they don't know how to get it and that hinders them from getting what they want. There are many methods to get those files. You can use software to download all those files. Those softwares though, have to be purchased.

Furthermore, you even have to buy the file that you're about to download. But with the internet, you can actually download all the files you want for free. You just need to download softwares such as LimeWire, BearShare or Ares Galaxy and you now have the ability to download. But if you really want to use the best software for file sharing, you should use Kazaa Lite.

Kazaa Lite is software that allows its users to download files such as videos and audio files for free. It is a peer-to-peer file sharing program. It is commonly used to download many file types including but not limited to, mp3, videos, other audio files, documents and applications.

It is a pirated, or in other words, an unauthorized modification of the Free Kazaa Media Desktop. Free Kazaa Media Desktop was created by the Sharman Networks and its official client can be downloaded for free. Like the official Kazaa Media Desktop, Kazaa Lite is also used by thousands of people worldwide. In fact, it is almost as popular as the official client.

Kazaa Lite even has the same abilities as the Kazaa Media Desktop. It uses the popular peer-to-peer protocol, the FastTrack. FastTrack allows users of free Kazaa to share files, and that's how users are able to download files. Kazaa has problems with the authorities because of copyright related lawsuits.

It also had some security problems because users got their PC's infected by malware, spyware and adware. When Sharman Networks found out of the existence of Kazaa Lite, they made various methods to threaten websites that gives users the ability to download the free Kazaa Lite. They also asked Google and other popular search engines to delete all links to the the Kazaa Lite download form their database.

They did what they were asked to do and so after many months, Kazaa Lite was very hard to find. In fact, it was very rare to find a site that allows users to download it. But now, you can again find websites that give a download for Kazaa Lite.

There's even a new version of Kazaa Lite that has more powerful features. Visit www.FreeKazaaLite.net to download Kazaa Lite now.
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