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Commissioned Paintings Celebrate Wonderful Memories

Aug 26, 2008
Commissioned paintings can help you preserve special memories for the rest of your life. If you want to find a way to make an ordinary photograph into something exquisite, portrait commissions can be just the things you need. Whether you want to memorialize an event, create a family portrait, or bring your favorite outdoor scenery into your living room, consider purchasing commissioned artwork. Portrait Kingdom's experienced staff has the skills you need to create beautiful commissioned paintings.

It's easy to add a portrait oil painting to your art collection simply by selecting a photo of the event, scene or loved ones that you want memorialized. No longer do you have to spend a lot of time posing in front of an artist to obtain a piece of artwork that you have no control over the creation of. The traditional sitting method of portrait creation gives all control to the artist in terms of the finished product. However, when you order custom oil paintings through Portrait Kingdom, you have control over the image that is produced.

If you want to create custom art from photos you adore, just upload a digital image. Commissioned paintings will then be created exactly as you specify. Right from the start, you'll make a number of choices so that you're sure your final artwork is planned exactly as you wish. Your first consideration as you work to capture your special memories will be to decide how big your final work's canvas is going to be. Portrait Kingdom's sizes range from those of small enough for mantle top or tabletop display, to those that are large enough to cover a whole wall.

Every Portrait Kingdom artist carefully determines how the scene is composed before they begin to create your portrait. This will help the artist understand how many subjects you'll have depicted in your final masterpiece, and this will also allow the artist to carefully plan out your painted portraits. You can also communicate whether you want certain background elements included or excluded, so that you can modify the final image.

An artist working to transform your photograph into unique personalized paintings will need a digital image that's clear so that the faces of the subjects are distinctly visible. Once you've selected your medium and the style of the finished artwork, Portrait Kingdom will determine the artist best suited for your painting. Your commissioned paintings will then receive close and personal attention from the artist. Before you give approval to the final design, you'll be presented with a proof so that you can approve it or request changes.

Perhaps the hardest thing about creating commissioned artwork is that you'll need to figure out what you want depicted. Do you want to hang a portrait of a beloved family member in your home? Do you want to memorialize a graduation, wedding, or event from your childhood? Do you have some scenery captured with your digital camera to be turned into a permanent piece of artwork? You have many possibilities available to you, but Portrait Kingdom can handle just about any image you'd like to make permanent.

Begin the commission process with just a few clicks of your mouse. Then, you'll need to decide certain things about the final image and how it will be displayed, whereupon work will begin. You'll be providing input every step of the way and will work in tandem with the artist so that you'll have a beautiful piece of art in less than a month. The process is easy to start, simply by contacting Portrait Kingdom today!
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Portrait Kingdom gives customers quality commissioned paintings. Working from customers' individual guidelines and digital photos, we create stunning oil paintings.
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