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What To Look For In A Pouch Laminator

Aug 26, 2008
If you think you might want to purchase a laminator, when looking you will probably notice that there are plenty of options to choose from. Prior to deciding on which laminator is going to be right for you, you will want to do some research to figure out what you should look for.

The first thing you will want to find out is what kind of documents you are going to be using the laminator with and the size of the documents. Laminators have openings that can vary in size from about 4 inches all the way up to 24 inches. Most likely you will be needing to laminate letter sized documents and the opening you will need for that job is 9 inches.

Another thing you will want to know is the thickness that you will prefer to laminate your documents with. The most common sizes for laminate are 3mil, 5mil, 7mil and 10mil. If you decide you want to go with a base model laminator, you will notice that they are not compatible with all thicknesses, so you will want to take that into consideration when looking to buy.

Something else that is important to note is what kind of material you will be laminating. Again, if you decide to go with the lower end model you will want to know that your laminator will only be setup to laminate standard paper thicknesses.

You also want to research the various brands of laminators and what they all offer. You will want to make sure that you get a laminator with all of the features that you are going to need. Some of these features include a reverse function which helps if your laminating pouches get jammed, also a speed adjustment and temperature adjustment.

Just make sure to do your research so you don't end up being disappointed in the output of your laminated document. You will find yourself being far less frustrated if you have done all of the proper research so that you know exactly what your pouch laminator is capable of. So do yourself a favor and do not overlook the importance of the crucial research process. It might take some time to refine the outcome of your laminated document, so do not be frustrated if you are not getting the professional looking laminated document that you were expecting. But if you did not do the proper research and your laminated documents do not turn out like you expected after about ten to twenty tries, then the chances are that you have chosen either the wrong laminating pouches, or the wrong pouch laminator.
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