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Three Methods For Creating Your Very Own Marketing Course

Aug 26, 2008
You'll hear lots of marketers talking about a big pay out. If you want the same, you'll find they always have one thing in common: an Internet marketing course. Generating a continuous stream of money on-line is generally difficult unless you have a specific skill-set to offer a unique service or you have a product of your own to sell. Within this article you will find three ways to create you own Internet marketing course if you chose this is right for you.

Product Creation Method #1 - Use Private Label Rights

One of hottest trends in online marketing these days are Private Label Rights, more commonly referred to as PLR. In short, PLR means taking an existing product or item for which you have purchased the PLR rights, make it your own product and sell it. PLR rights basically mean "The Rights to Label it as your Own". The problem with them is everyone else has access to a lot of them which can render most of them virtually useless. However if you can secure the private label rights to a product that isn't widely known then this could be a cash cow for you. Just hire someone to rebrand the product, repackage it with your own graphics and promote it and wait for the money.

Product Creation Method #2 - Create Videos

If you haven't noticed by now, videos are becoming the wave on the Internet. This same trend applies to online Internet marketing courses. With videos, customers can be given step by step instructions that they can follow along with. A different but terrific way to utilize video is by making instructional videos around a product for which you are an affiliate. After you've made some instructional videos about the product, you can offer them for free as a gift for those that purchase the actual product through your affiliate link.

Regardless of which video-method you choose, keep in mind a video is going to make a deeper impression than a written report any day.

Product Creation Method #3 - Perform Interviews and Record the Audio

Additionally, especially when compared to PLR, this method is not widely used so you it will be easier for you to stand out of the crowd. Best of all there are a ton of marketers who will give you an hour of their time in exchange for some free promotion. Just tell them that you working on a product you'll be promoting heavily and you would like to include the interview as well as references and links to their product. Consider to tell them a bit about your marketing plan in your initial email or phone call so they'll know the interview won't be a waste of their time. They are very likely to agree to the interview if you inform them that you will be plugging their product or service into the course. You'll be all set after you record the interview in decent audio quality and adding some packaging.

There are many ways you can make a profit over the Internet. Writing an eBook, creating and selling graphic artistic work, or creating a software template are just a few other common ways to make money online. After you have created your own Internet marketing course make sure to find affiliates who will promote it for you. Deposit your checks, and remember to send me some of the proceeds ;)
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