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How To Profit Quickly From Public Storage Auctions

Aug 26, 2008
Public storage auctions provide an excellent way to make some money from a home business on both a full and part time basis. A public storage auction occurs when the owner of the public storage unit fails to pay the bill to the storage unit company. The company then will seize the unit and place the contents on auction. This is a great way to pick up some bargains for yourself to keep or to resell. Here are some ways to sell your public storage auction items quickly and easily.

A great way to make money from your public storage auction item is by selling it on Ebay. This strategy works best with smaller items that you can pack and ship quickly for a nice markup. If you want to work more efficiently, consider using an Ebay drop off store. These stores will list, photograph, pack and ship your item for you.

Another great site to consider is the Amazon Marketplace. Amazon is best known for books, but they have expanded their selection a lot the past couple of years and it's quite easy to list hundreds of other items. The nice thing about Amazon is it is usually quite a bit easier to submit listings on there than on Ebay.

If the item is on the larger side, consider using a local classified website like Craigslist or Kijiji. With these sites, you will be able to list the item for free. You could also place a classified ad in your local newspaper or the Thrifty Nickel.

Another option is to have a garage sale. This takes a little work up front, but you can get your public storage auction merchandise sold in a quick weekend. Then, you can go to another storage auction and do it again and again.

Many people who buy and sell items from public storage auctions will set up tables at flea markets. This is a great way to go about reselling your public storage auction item. Some people will even take it a step further and open a full scale resale shop. This is for the bigger player who wants to get serious with public storage auctions.

The last option is to donate your public storage auction find to charity. Obviously this is a last resort, but you will at least get a nice tax deduction out of it.

Public storage unit auctions are an excellent opportunity for the enterprising individual to start an easy home business. There are many viable exit strategies to get your investment back quickly.
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