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CMS Web Design: Is Yours in Need of an Overhaul?

Aug 26, 2008
Your content management system has a major impact on your productivity. Some essentials of a successful business are obvious - positive cash flow, quality products, hardworking employees and loyal customers, to name a few. It can be easy to forget that content is at the heart of it all. All of that content is controlled through your content management system, making your CMS critical to the success of your business. An effective, user-friendly CMS web design allows your team to operate with maximum efficiency. If your current content management system is hard to use and incapable of keeping pace with your growing needs, then it's time to update its design.

One sign of an outdated content management system is its inability to keep up with the content-related needs of a growing business. An out-of-date content management system can slow your progress down to a snail's pace. In fact, outdated CMS web design can actually be more problematic than not having a system at all. As your business expands, you face an increased need to quickly create and publish updated content.

Productivity can also be hindered by a CMS that's difficult to use. Workflow is slowed, and your team members are left feeling frustrated. Sorting through inconsistencies in the way content is organized, categorized and published wastes time that could be utilized more profitably. Your resources are tied up by avoidable obstacles to productivity.

Updating your website with timely information, such as product descriptions and press materials, is as important as any task your business performs. If you find yourself unable to keep up with the pace, your content management system could be to blame. A new CMS web design can provide your team with a wide array of tools that puts your subject matter experts behind the wheel. They will have the ability to create, edit and publish content without waiting for assistance from a staff member who knows HTML. That helps keep your content fresh.

Miscommunication can cause delays and mistakes. A poor content management system can fracture your road to success with potholes of missing information. It's hard to operate as a team when some members can't locate the content they need. Your CMS is in place to aid your team in accessing information, not just Internet users and customers. The right web design ensures that your team members have complete and accurate content at their fingertips.

A hallmark of superior CMS web design is that computer pros and newbies alike have no trouble adding, updating, editing and publishing content. Frequently, the people who need to access and adjust content are not the ones with technical software and computer training. An intuitive, user-friendly content management system interface enables subject matters to get their job done without depending on the availability of HTML-savvy team members. Each member of your team is free to focus on what they do best.

Your CMS web design should centralize content management and control. Rather than scattered pieces leading to missing and overlapping information, you have a "home base" of sorts. It operates to automatically identify and assemble content across the span of your organization. A good system allows multiple team members to work on content at the same time, simultaneously editing, adding and deleting from different locations. The result is a collaborative effort that ultimately increases productivity. Time isn't wasted while team members sit idly by waiting for their turn to access content. And remember, time is money!

If you can relate to the content management woes outlined above, it's time to take a critical look at your CMS web design. A more advanced web design allows you to take a variety of approaches to content management. Team members can work together or individually to add, change and publish the content that's critical to the success of your business.

Good CMS web design provides for centralized content management. It enables all staff members to create, edit, update and publish content, no matter what level of technical knowledge they possess. If you find your progress being held back by an overly complex system and an inability to publish content in a timely manner, seek out and implement a new content management system. The boost in productivity, as well as team member morale, will be substantial.
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Chris Coleman is a Business Analyst at Capita Technologies. Capita Technologies provides web design services for a wide variety of clients.
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