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Simple Article Writing For Internet Business Promotion

Aug 26, 2008
Article marketing is the process of writing your own articles or having articles written for you. The articles are to be published on your blog as well as other peoples blogs. Web articles are also published on other websites and email newsletters. I'm sure you can imagine what is possible after having tons of your own articles containing a link back to your website on thousands of other websites all over the world wide web. The best part about article marketing is that it is 100% FREE advertising.

Write Your Own Article

The benefits of writing your own articles:

Article writing is %100 percent free. The only cost is a little of your time. the sense of accomplishment you get when you see your articles show up in Google and other search engines all over the internet. you may already like to write and share your ideas with others. And if you've never done it before, you might find out that you enjoy it also.

Simple Article Writing

Your Article doesn't need to be any longer than 500 words. Focus on writing articles on the things you are currently learning about your internet business, or what you are learning about the products you wish to promote. Take some time to brainstorm and write down ideas. Write down 3 or 4 points on the subject you wish to write about. Fill in those points with you point of view or any newly learned ideas on the subject.

Get Your Articles Written For You

The choice is yours. If you feel that you don't have enough experience, or that you are too much of a novice to write your own articles then you can always have articles ghostwritten for you. You can put your name as the author of these articles and submit them all over the internet for people to read.

NOTE: For article marketing on the Internet, I suggest having articles written that are somewhere between 250-600 words. The purpose of your articles is to promote your website or affiliate web pages so the topic of your articles should be related to those areas. Therefore, when choosing to write your own articles or hiring someone to write articles for you, you will want to have this in mind.

Constructing Your Resource Box/About The Author

Some article directories or other websites you submit your articles to will have different rules as it pertains to your author area. Some will allow you to use HTML to make your link clickable and some won't. That's why I recommend that for every promotional ad you use in your resource box should have a plain text and an HTML version. This benefits you so that you don't break any rules of the website where you submit to. You simply switch between resource boxes as needed.

If you're serious about your business then an article marketing strategy is something you have to develop. How many articles do you want to submit a week? It's the same as asking "how much traffic and profits would I like to see this week?". Routinely submitting articles to your blog and other websites is the best way to grow any internet business, period. All the information you need is at your fingertips. Now all you have to do is act and watch your links, traffic, and profits grow with every passing week.
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Michael Laleye lives in Toronto, Canada and works full time from home on the internet. Visit his website to discover Resources For Internet Marketing Businesses and learn more about how to start working from home online.
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