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Effective Real Estate Logos

Aug 27, 2008
Real Estate Logos are very important to anyone marketing real estate, online and off. There is certainly an art to making a real estate logo catchy. Below are the findings of a survey on top real estate logos and reasons why they are catchy, and therefore, get more businesses for their company.

Remax logo

One of the best known realty franchises in America, Re/Max, has an assortment of logos. All of them share the company name in red and blue with the same font. It could be argued that the re/max logo is so effective because it is one of the simplest designs overall.

Anyone seeing their logo should have no doubts as to the company name or what its business is. The red, white, and blue colors inspire a sense of trust and patriotism between the customer and Re/max such that people feel they can trust that particular company with all of their real estate needs.

The ERA logo

Another example of effective real estate logos is that of ERA, one of the top residential brokerage networks. The ERA logo is evocative of the "American Dream" through its use of red, white and blue as the base colors. It is also a logo design that is unambiguous about the sector served by ERA, namely the home-buying market. In fact, their whole logo is very similar to the Re/Max logo and one might question if their logo designer blatently ripped them off.

Century 21 logo

With the thin, house-shaped icon wrapping it's borders, the 'sold' sign in the foreground, and a strong use of different colors, the Century 21 logo is very bold and different from the pack. Although it is decades old, there have been many subtle changes over the years, most notably with the color set. Being the most publicized of all real estate logos over the years, Century 21 should be very happy with this logo and refrain from chainging it any further!

Coldwell Banker logo

The Coldwell Banker real estate logo is a blue square with white writing. Many people say that whenever they scan through a page, the blue Coldwell Banker caught their eyes every time whereas other real estate logos might not. The bright blue color stands out and the design is simple. The logo is subtle while reading because it appears to be in only one color even though it's actually two when you notice the color of the letters. This may or may not have a subliminal effect on the viewer.

The Imperium Realty logo

Gray and Red with a Lion's head. Yes, Imperium Realty is clearly trying to be the stand-out since there is nothing even approaching blue in their logo at all. One might question how a lion is related to real estate, but few can argue with Imperium's sales records. Their logo is nonetheless interesting, and the lion clearly inspires thoughts of nobility, which is always a good trait to link to your business in your customer's mind.

Weichert Realtor logo

The brightest logo award goes to Weichert Realty, formerly Beazley, Inc. Although their road signs are more than quite noticeable, one would suspect that their ads in the Yellow pages would be not effective at all.

The bright yellow color is clearly the whole draw of this logo. Many people do not respond to the overbearing color very well, and pass by their road signs thinking "what a hideous color!" Even though they have trouble remembering their name or are not sure how to pronounce it correctly, they will certainly remember the ultra-vibrant sign. This makes Weichert the one real estate logo that jumps out to many people but unfortunately not for a good reason.
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