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E-mail Marketing For Home Based Business Entreprenuer

Aug 27, 2008
E-mail marketing is an important component for the growth of any online marketing business. For an online entrepreneur, it is essential to understand and formulate marketing campaigns to generate fruitful results and to emerge as a long-term successful competitor.

In recent days, many people are diverting towards e-mail marketing, particularly housewives, who think to start some kind of hassle free home based business.

What Is E-mail Marketing?

E-mail marketing is somewhat a type of direct marketing, which uses electronic mails to communicate with the audiences or prospective customers. In a broader sense, each e-mail sent to a current or potential customer called as e-mail marketing. Below mentioned are some reasons, why online businesspeople send e-mails:

1. Online businesspeople often send e-mails for a common purpose of improving relationship with their old or new customers. At times, they also send e-mails to have repetitive business or to cheer up the customer loyalty.

2. They also send e-mails to acquire new customers or persuade old customers to purchase something.

A research conducted in the year of 2000 showed that network-marketing firms in the U.S. had spent around $400.00 millions on e-mail marketing.

Hence, e-mail marketing is an ideal way to make money online. Do not listen what critics utter about e-mail marketing, as millions of individuals access their online accounts and there is a great possibility to get some prospective customers.

Tips To Build Successful E-mail Marketing Business:

Below mentioned are four crucial steps to establish a successful e-mail marketing business:

1. Enter into a Lucrative Market: Try to find a market, which provides easy online cash flow. Markets such as, work from home market, weight loss, relationships or golf are certain example lucrative markets of recent times. These markets offer great opportunity to make quick money online. Beginners can refer some books or sign up for a few newsletters to get more information on how to find an effective and profitable niche market for e-mail marketing.

2. Sign-up for Autoresponders: Use various types of autoresponder services. People may find several standard autoresponders for immense customer support. Apart from this, they are also famous for their productivity rates and flawless control panels.

3. Establish Opt-in Page: Opt-in Page needs to be easy and organized. It needs to have an attractive headline with a few beneficial points.

4. Advertise Opt-in Page: Begin by posting forms, creating Pay-Per-Click ads or writing quality articles for article directories. These help to generate fast and good website traffic to opt-in page.

5. Send Information: It is an added advantage for an e-mail marketing business to send perfect and useful information to prospects. Send them a lot of free content to establish good customer relationship before selling anything.


1. With e-mail marketing, an online marketing entrepreneur may distribute information to a wide range of potential and specific customers at an affordable rate.

2. As compared to other mediums such as printed newsletters and direct mail, it is much inexpensive also.

3. It is an instant procedure, since an e-mail takes only a few seconds or minutes to reach the targeted destination across any part of the globe.

4. Marketers can make repetitive dealings in an affordable and routine manner with effective e-mail marketing methods.
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